Friday, October 12, 2012

California Girl

I have a confession. While I was born in (and spent most of my life in) California, I haven't lived up to my true California girl stereotyped potential.

But I'm rectifying that with my recent foray into the world of surfing (not for me)
Two days ago, I tried yoga for the first time.

Before I always thought, "Pssh! I don't need to PAY someone for glorified stretching."

Tut tut, silly Rachael. Now I realize it's one of the rarest-of-rare activities that both encourages physically (and mentally) connecting with your body while not stressing your body.

Most of the time when I'm aware of my body it's either to work it out (feels good after but...), to berate it ("I wish I were..." and fill in the blank) or to feed it.

So far, yoga has begun to foster a love for my body (not proportional or in relation to what it can or can't do). I'm finding that I'm even beginning to love my imperfections. No other activity has given me that.

Anyways, that's surfing, yoga... I'm already vegetarian. Guess that just leaves plastic surgery.

What else is a stereotyped California thing in your mind?
Have you tried yoga?


  1. Blonde, tan, friends with a celebrity. You could go for living up to the classic 1990s Babysitters' Club books stereotype and sport a jean jacket.

  2. Awesomeness, big fake boobs, uggs with shorts, dirty hippie norcal people, blonde highlights, a delicate belly button ring, fish tacos, taking the 5 all the way north, saying gnarly/totally/rad/dude on a daily basis, using Spanish words, knowing why people really go to Humboldt. This is California.

  3. So glad to hear you say this! I scoffed at yoga for years, but then a friend invited me to attend a free class with her. And yep, I was hooked. I felt so.darn.good. afterwards! Strong, sore but not too sore, awake and refreshed. I now go weekly, though I've missed the past 2 or 3 weeks, so I'm ready to get back into the routine!


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