Thursday, October 25, 2012

Awkward/Awesome vol. 69

Awesome: Being environmentally conscious and turning off the bathroom lights when I leave the restroom at work.
Awkward: Forgetting someone else was still in there...

Awkward AND Awesome: This encounter

Awesome: Eggnog taffy. My new fav.

Awesome: Puppamoth relaxing

Awesome: Going on a double-date day trip on Saturday to go pick apples!
Awkward: Finding out apple-picking ended LAST Saturday.
Awesome: Having a fantastic time anyways!

Awkward: Using a product called 'Tea For One' (it sounds so sad!)
Awkward x 2: My brand is specifically 'Tea For One... For Life'

Awesome: I made my own pesto!
Awkward: This poor plant had to pay the price for it.

Being picked up to this scene and Boyfriend-Fellow saying, "You'll have to sit in the back."

Awesome: Successfully not biting my nails for 2 weeks!
Awkward: Until Argo. Damn.

Catch me up on your life, lovelies!


  1. I must live such a sad existence because it is awkward how excited I get when your awkward/awesome posts pop up in my feed!

    That bathroom thing is pretty funny and totally something I would do. So the eggnog taffy, did it actually taste like eggnog? I love me some eggnog.

  2. Ha, absolutely loved this post! And that has got to be the best encounter ever!! ;)
    xo TJ

  3. That picture of you with the llama is basically my favorite thing.

  4. My brand is specifically 'Tea For One... For Life' ack. depressing.

    Eggnog taffy sounds doubly gross. I don't like eggnog, and I don't like taffy!

    I gave up not biting my nails. I do it. I just gotta accept it!


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