Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awkward/Awesome vol 67

It's Awkward/Awesome Thursday time!

Awkward and Awesome: Having to settle an argument between a couple in the grocery store as to whether this item was called a 'loofah' or a 'squeegie-mama'.

Awkward: Ever since Faja retired, he'll send this to people on a weekday....

Awkward: The tire tracks left on my forehead after wearing headbands

Awesome: Taco Tuesdays!

Awkward: This tag telling me I can't wash or dry my new dress. Fat chance.

Awesome: Rainbow nails

Awesome: This seaweed bulb totally looked like the piranha plant from Mario

Awesome: This lamb cake pan(?) totally looked like the fawn from Pan's Labyrinth

Awesome: Katie noticed this clasp looked like an elephant!

Awesome: Puppamoth hung out with a random bachelorette

Awkward and Awesome: Puppamoth blew his whole paycheck

Awkward and Awesome: Faja found more old photos

What's been odd and/or interesting about your week?


  1. Did you make your hair blond??

    1. Are you asking if it was blonde before I dyed it orange (yes) or if it's blond in real life now because of that top picture (no, I just bleach some chunks)

    2. I was talking about now..I saw your blonde bits along with your tire track forehead. :D


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