Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Littles Go To The Beach

Last weekend, Madre and The Littles 
joined me for an impromptu beach day!

Biggest-Little has always had a magnetic attraction to water. Get her near it and regardless of parental rules or how much non-swimwear clothing she's wearing, she's in before you know it.

I swear, I've never seen anyone more comfortable being drenched

(though she doesn't exactly look 'comfortable' here)

 Victory over the ocean?
My sister, the mermaid

Littlest-Little showed a little more trepidation at first...

But she was soon over that!

Both girls (but especially Biggest-Little) are at this amazing age where in one moment, it strikes me how they've developed into such lovely women...


Like a model...

...And then they look like little kids again (thank goodness).

Eventually they (well, at least one of them) got cold and it was time to wrap up our beach day (sniff sniff).

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