Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sparkles Fix Everything

I had a difficult (haha) decision the other day.
It was time to invest in a pair of real shoes (I only own ballet flats and boots and sometimes you just need something in between).
I found two pairs I liked. One had a brighter color but the other had SPARKLES.

It's very hard to see in this photo but the ones on the left 
are purple and the grey ones on the right have sparkles

So what's a girl to do? (<----Extremely first world problem, I know)

Buy the brightly colored ones and spray paint them sparkly of course!


Ta da!

I'm very satisfied with my choice now.

(Boyfriend-Fellow keeps referring to them as my 'big girl' shoes)


  1. i love that your "real shoes" are converse sneaker knock-offs -- and sparkly, no less! =)

    for my purposes, "real shoes" = something i can wear in clinic, which means conservative (ie: no sneakers), closed-toe, and [usually] flat. when i'm an attending, though, and finally done with being low on the totem pole, i'm definitely going to be a sneaker doc. LOVE me some converse. =)

  2. I never would have thought about sparklifying shoes! Thanks for the idea. I will have to do it with some of Isla's shoes.

  3. So, you have flats and boots, but your sparkly! shoes are your big girl shoes? You are an enigma. :)


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