Monday, September 17, 2012

Neighbor Awards

During the summer, I don't get free access to the gym, nor am I overflowing with cash for fitness classes so I've taken to going on long walks in my neighborhood as a means of movement.

It's really neat to get to know my area (i.e. who plays honky-tonk piano in the evenings, which house has the the cute kids who play dress up in the golden sunset light, etc).

There are a few highlights on my walks, houses I particularly enjoy because they have good-smelling flowers or pretty garden gates or beautiful bay windows and the like.

So the other day, I went around, leaving anonymous notes describing what I loved about their house along with a neighbor-award of a light-bulb vase.

It was so fun imagining of what they'd think when they found it!

Whilst attempting to hang the fourth and last one, I got caught by the actual home owner! We had a lovely chat and in exchange for my present, he gave me a beautiful history book on our area.

It was a lovely experience overall but one part got me thinking... On every note, I added a message about how I wasn't a weirdo who was gonna keep leaving them notes or anything. That addition was contrary to my nature and detracted from the whimsy but I felt it was sadly necessary.

What do you think? If someone left you an anonymous present without saying that last part, would it creep you out? Or would you not think twice about it?


  1. If someone left me a random note, I would think it was so cool! Seriously. I think random acts of kindness are nearly dead and they need to be brought back. It is almost cooler to have a stranger do something nice for/to you than someone you know.

  2. Once again, your kindess and thought of others is astounding. You have such a giving spirit.

    If someone left me a random note and gift, I wouldn't be weirded out in the least! Just excited.

  3. I would love it if a stranger left me a nice note with a present! You are so kind! I love it!


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