Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awkward/Awesome volume 65

Awesome: I submitted my very first paper for publication on Tuesday (fingers crossed that it gets accepted)!

Awesome: Fall Fashion Week starts this Saturday!!!
Awkward: It's so not Fall weather here... Sigh.

Awesome: Puppamoth had his first Pumpkin Spice Latte anyways

Awkward: Desserts that look way prettier than they taste.

Awesome: Puppamoth's first baseball game
Someone needs a 'first bath'

Awesome: Baby croissants

Awkward AND Awesome: Dragon fruit!

Awesome: I had a weekend full of adventures hosting my high school bestie!

Awkward: Accidentally shooting 100 photos in RAW format before realizing my mistake (for those not familiar, one JPEG = a very small file.  one RAW = 2 computers' worth of storage space.

Awesome: Over the weekend, I built myself a planter (post soon) and I've been hanging buckets of plants on it slowly.
Awesome x 2: I woke up to an anonymous gift of a succulent plant in a bucket! I have no idea from whom!

Awesome: Finding a small (albeit small) parking space in a crowded lot.
Awkward: I didn't realize the car I parked next to had an occupant in it who then struggled to get out of her driver's side. I proffered apologies but she just grumbled and scowled.

Awkward: Seeing something for sale at my local thrift store that was a personal gift to me (I recently cleaned out and donated a lot of stuff). Way to make me feel guilty.
It's a cookie jar

Awkward: I always forget that the microwave on the top floor of my building catches paper coffee cups on fire....

Awkward: Spending 18 minutes on hold with Starbucks to change my address. EIGHTEEN minutes. I realize that makes me a chump but after 5 minutes, I was gonna stick it out due to sheer stubborness. And I WANT my free coffee drink coupons.

Awesome: The light made a Phantom of the Opera mask on my face!

Awkward: Someone left something nice in my friend's mailbox and NOTHING I say, nothing, will convince her it wasn't from me (I'm flattered but not only is it not true, more importantly, someone's not getting their due).

Awkward: Since the top of my cling wrap container ripped off, I cut myself EVERY SINGLE time I reach into the drawer. Without fail.


On a somber note, today is Ryan's birthday.

I will always miss you.


Put your funny and/or awkward moments in the comments below!


  1. the weather isn't too cool here either. my clothes will be more fall 'inspired.' hah.

  2. AWKWARD: ugh, I almost missed fall fashion week because I thought it was the next weekend! I would have been playing all by myself!

  3. I can't wait to see all your great outfits! And good luck with giving puppamoth a bath. The first one is always the hardest. ;)

  4. Your life is always so entertaining! I am so looking forward to fashion week. And I'm glad someone gifted you a plant. You deserve it giving how generous you are to others. Oh, and good luck with the paper. That would be so cool if it was published!

    As for me:
    Awkward: Every single time my child pees or poops his pants in public. I'm embarrassed and he could care less!

    Awkward & Awesome: How much I have been rearranging things in my house lately. It keeps the husband having to guess where things are kept!

    1. Oh no! Connor! At least he's not embarrassed. Though maybe the trauma would be good for training?

  5. Aw, weekends with best friends are the best!! Mine is actually coming tonight to stay with us for the weekend and I cannot wait :)

    1. Sweet! I hope you have fun.
      P.S. Make her take your outfit photos and join in fashion week!

  6. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Starbucks is ending their mailings next month. All the free drinks/food will be electronic. You should check out their rewards website...awkward ;)

  7. Dragon fruit! What exactly do those taste like?


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