Thursday, September 13, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 64

Once again, another installment 
of Awkward/Awesome Thursday!

Awkward AND Awesome: Home haircuts (Boyfriend-Fellow's getting his tomorrow night. Wish me luck!)

Awkward: Being walked in on while in the restroom at a restaurant.
Awkward x 2: It was a very small restaurant so the restroom door opened up to the whole room.

Awkward: Realizing at the last minute that a volunteer orientation event I was attending was a pot luck.
Awesome: Whipping together this dish in a record amount of time and being only 10 minutes late!
Awkward: Finding out it wasn't a potluck after all...
Awesome: Still being able to have rainbow nails while also letting them breathe.

Awesome: Bringing my sparkly new shoes with me for the weekend getaway.
Awkward: ONLY bringing my sparkly new shoes with me for the weekend getaway (fancy dinners... wine tasting... all with sparkly converse. I definitely got some looks).

Awkward AND Awesome: This spider!

Awkward: I had sampled the goat cheese enough at the farmer's market and finally decided to invest in some. I handed over my $20 and he only gave me $11 back... NINE dollars for a weensy tub of goat cheese! I would NEVER pay that much if I had known but I was too embarrassed to ask for my money back.

Awkward: The mountain lions at the zoo we went to last weekend were overweight.  It was so sad!

This is the sign explaining it....

Awesome: Puppamoth took action.

Share YOUR tragedies and triumphs in the comments below!


  1. i am always clipping on my hair. but i don't think i trust myself to cut anyone else's. :) good luck!

  2. The last time someone opened the door to the restroom I was in I almost died. Then I walked over to the door (it was one of those big, private bathrooms) with my pants down around my ankles while explaining that I had locked the door, but apparently it didn't take. Oh, and it was a man that walked in.

    Poor mountain lion. :(

  3. You had me cringing about the bathroom, then laughing about the potluck. And I have learned my lessons about farmers markets. Its always best to ask the price because things can be overly expensive at them. Once I picked up a tiny box go chocolates (we are talk an ounce or two) and it was $13!!! I quickly set it back down.

  4. Poor you and your restroom incident! :-(

  5. ugh, poorly funded zoos just make me so sad. I can't bear them, seeing the animals in pain - physical and mental - due to concrete and cages.

    1. Yeah, it's too bad it's not funded enough but at the same time, this zoo is taking in animals that were going to be shot or put down (bears that had destroyed someone's honey supply or 3-legged animals, etc), and aside from the cats being a bit overweight, the zoo's doing a GREAT job taking care of them, so the zoo's not the bad guy here.


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