Thursday, September 6, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 64

Awesome: Someone is excited for our upcoming getaway to the mountains!


Awesome: When my friend and I were getting our picture taken, this random dude comes up, gets in one and then says, "Now you can say you've had your photo taken with the owner of XXX brewery." (I don't remember the name of the Brewery)
Awkward: I said, "You're the owner of that brewery??" to which he replied, "No" and walked away.
(I cut out my friend since she doesn't know about my blog so it seems rude to put her picture up.)

Awkward: A belligerent man approached Boyfriend-Fellow, myself and my friend and was clearly hitting on everyone there. He kept offering us his leftovers (half a grilled cheese sandwich and fries).  We politely refused at first but as he kept sitting there yabbering and trying to make a move on my friend, we became bold and ate his leftovers. Like vultures.

Awesome: My carpal was starting to stabilize... Maybe even get better.
Awkward: Then, last night, I had to lug a completely passed out body into their house (unconscious people are SO heavy!). I've been in pain ever since.

Awkward and Awesome: I got Boyfriend-Fellow this succulent cuz it looks like some creepy thing from Salad Fingers.

Awkward: It's being eaten by something and now it looks even grosser!

Awkward: It's way too hot to be baking so when I pulled my muffins out of the oven and they weren't fully cooked, I said forget it and ate them mushy (they had no eggs, don't worry mom).
Awesome: They were like oatmeal pudding!

Awkward: At lab meeting, my boss turned to me and said, "Why don't you present today" No warning whatsoever.
Awesome: I winged it and it went great!

Awesome: I've been getting to know my neighborhood with 2-3 hour walks several nights a week.

Awesome: Getting inspired by the crafts at the farmer's market
Awkward: Showing the vendors the crafts I did inspired by them
(Only later did I realize that I'm basically flaunting, "See! I can do what you do! I don't need to pay you for it!")

Awesome: Rainbow nails (doing my nails now always makes me think of you, Molly)

AWESOME!!!!!!! Fall Fashion Week is happening!

 It will be hosted by the hilarious (seriously, I don't laugh out loud that often but her blog has me giggling all the time) Deanna of Delirious Rhapsody.
You should join along! Here's the link to the post about it.

Tell me about the ups and downs of 
your week in the comments below!


  1. What a weirdo! (The brewery guy, that is! Wait, and the leftover guy!)

    And that plant!

  2. I never would have thought about the whole flaunting what you did thing, but that is too funny. Were any of the vendors mean to you about it?

  3. I'm doing Fall Fashion Week too! I cannot wait! Also, totally, Deanna's the best. And Gage.

    I love your rainbow nails. And I think the succulent looks cooler half-eaten!


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