Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 7

Oh my gosh, it's the very last day of 2012 Fall Fashion Week!

Wah wah...

Today is brought to you by the letter(s) 
*and your random shutter timing

Can I get an amen on that?

This is pretty much my go-to-outfit (as evidenced by the fact that I've worn before on the blog but never for Fashion Week so it doesn't count, right?)
dress - f21
cardigan - bunny's in Santa Cruz
headband - aldo
necklace - gift from my mom

I really wish I had a better close up of the necklace available... 
I just lifted this one from a previous post but it's a locket that expands to hold pictures of my extra big family (stepdad, parents and three siblings).

Channeling Emery...

Channeling... me?

Again, thank you soOooOoo much for hosting this, Deanna.
And thank you to all of YOU and your uber sweet comments.
I've been on cloud 9, having fun and being inspired all week thanks to you guys.

Click here to be wowed by all the other ladies.

Katelyn taught me I would like some more flowy layers
Autumn taught me I would like to wear more tights
Kristina and Deanna (just to name a few) taught me I would like a jean jacket
Jamie and Deanna showed me how freakin' awesome plaid/flannel could be.
Charity made me want to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe.
Rachel and Kristina had the COOLEST necklaces.
Jillian Dee looked runway ready every day and made me want to be more edgy (boots with puffy tutus! Long jackets with little black dresses)!
Charlotte made me want to put more thought into my outfits so they're finished works of art!
Jessica (and Deanna) made me want to rock some stripes!


  1. i love everything about this. i love green. i love cardigans. i love boots. i love you. (wait...did i cross a line?)

    i have never seen a locket like that before, and it's pretty amazing. i am really going to miss seeing all your lovely expressions. i kind of want to make a flip book with a bunch of your various faces. :-D

  2. You look fantastic is bright green. Highlights your amazing eyes! Necklace is awesome!!! Love the dark dress and the brown boot look. Thanks for the compliments!!!

  3. Charlotte made me want to put more thought into my outfits so they're finished works of art!

    Oh my, that might be the sweetest thing someone ever said about one of my outfits! Thank you sweetheart!

    Oh yeah, you are channeling Emery in that photo! :) I can see it.
    Also, that is SUCH a cool locket.

  4. I think i've gotten the biggest kick out of your photo shoots! Your outfits have been so adorable. Thanks for making us smile this week! And i love the fellow blogger roundup - you're so sweet!

  5. I love that dress. And that locket is amazing!

  6. You are so funny! I love ALL of your expressions. :-) But, did we ever get to see a nice, normal smile with teeth this week? :-P I'm loving the bright green...I don't have enough of that color in my wardrobe! Thanks for making fashion week fun!

  7. Love that first photo! And I can see why this is your go-to outfit. It is cute. And I am loving the green cardigan. This is the second time this week you have made me want to get in m car and drive to Bunny's in Santa Cruz!

  8. hey, check out Deanna's blog, because you are a big WINNER! hooray!

  9. You won! you won! You won! You WON!!! Not only are totally adorable - now you're $50 richer!!


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