Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 6

Hello there!
It's Day 6 of 2012 Fall Fashion Week!
Can you believe it?!

Tonight, we finally celebrate 
Boyfriend-Fellow and my anniversary*!!!
*which was Monday

I even did my nails for the occasion**
**occasion is one of those words I ALWAYS spell wrong (usually occassion)

Here's the head-to-toe...
dress - bunny's in Santa Cruz
necklace - gifted from boyfriend fellow (same one as yesterday)
earrings - made by my cousin
hair rose - probably claire's?
shirt - probably f21
shoes - probably target?

My anniversary gifts for him...
He has a corgi at his parent's house (on the east coast), that he really misses, so I made him a pillow of his puppy.

And I did a few paintings on some pennies (each one represents somewhere we've visited or lived).

And we love doing sodoku when we travel on planes together (it's super couple-y. We pretend to barf but we love it), so I got him this...

Hope you've enjoyed this Fashion Week as much as I have! 
I'll be sad to see it go. :(
Check out everyone else's ensembles here!


  1. i love this dress on you! you look so super adorable! i could never pull off this dress, but you are glowing in it!

    your gifts are so thoughtful! and how awesome are those pennies?

  2. Smart way to rock a strapless with a tee underneath.

  3. I'm in love with your dress! And the paintings on the pennies are so precious! I love that idea! Happy anniversary :)

  4. LOVE that dress. The pops of red really make your eyes stand out. They are gorg! Thanks so stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments this week. You are so sweet! Enjoy your anniversary. I love that Corgi pillow.

  5. Great looking dress! Have a lot of fun with your man tonight!

  6. Oh my gosh...paintings on pennies?!?!? That is so rad. I'm going to have to attempt that. The dress is beautiful, and you are too. Happy anniversary!

  7. This outfit is truly fabulous! I love it!

    Those are incredibly thoughtful gifts! I love the penny paintings!

  8. You are so cute! I've so enjoyed all your poses and faces this week! And Corgi pillow = awesome sauce.

  9. LOVE the first photo! You are so stinking cute. That boyfriend fellow is one lucky lad. Hope you two love birds had a fabulous celebration. But back to your outfit, I love the pairing of the shirt under the dress. And the print of the dress is so fun. And the penny paintings...what can't you do?! You are one talented lady!

  10. This is so cute! I love how you painted your nails, and your gifts were so thoughtful - the painted pennies are ADORABLE. Definitely copying that idea :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. seriously! you are so pretty! and might just have thee perfect body, jealous!


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