Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 5

I can't believe Fall Fashion Week is almost over! I'm getting so inspired by you guys (not to mention floating on air from your comments! Thank you so much!)

Nothing says classy like a dress over jeans, am I right?
In case you were wondering, that's me showing you my sparkly gold shoes in that last photo.

jeans - marshalls

shoes - don't remember
dress - don't remember (f21 maybe?)
hair clip - made by me

I can't decide which trend has been worse for my body type...
the midriff in 8th grade or this whole 'baby doll' dress fad.
But I will overcome!

This is a close up of my necklace (sorry for the poor quality).
It was a Christmas gift from Boyfriend-Fellow and my everyday go-to necklace.

Does he have good taste or what?!

Go link up YOUR outfit and check out the other participants at Deanna's blog here!


  1. where are your shoes from? i love them! i also really like the necklace from your boyfriend! and i've been known to pair dresses with jeans because i'm tall.

    1. Oops! I forgot to put the details...
      I got the shoes from some boutique in Pacific Beach (San Diego, CA), but I don't remember the name of it.
      I updated the other details that I could remember.
      How tall are you? You look so petite!

    2. i'm 5'7. so i guess that's not too tall. but i think i have an abnormally long torso, which makes everything that is supposed to be a dress fit more like a tunic.

  2. Yay! This is super cute! And so are your facial expressions :)

  3. Sparkly gold shoes make everything wonderful. Plus, you totally rock the dress-over-jeans look.

  4. I seriously thought you were trying to show that you could put your foot in your mouth! So thanks for clarifying! And you can't even tell that your dress is a dress over jeans, so I say you are good to go! Plus, I like the little opening detailing on your dress. Its fun.

  5. I frequently wear dresses with jeans. I have a lot of cute dresses in my closet, and apparently I used to wear them super short?

    That's a great necklace! Love it!

  6. You are, quite honestly, the most darling person I have ever seen. (save for my two little ladies, but really who could beat them?). You are just gorgeous and I adore the babydoll look even though it SO does not suite my body type... same with trapeze tops but I just.can't.quit.them.

  7. Sparkly shoes totally demand that extra attention - great job! You are too cute!

  8. well I don't know if I could pull off a dress over jeans quite as well as you can, because I think you look adorable!

  9. Ahhh 1)you're so adorable 2)I wish I could pull off flares like you! 3) I love love love that necklace!

  10. I wear tons of dresses over pants in the winter!!!! I love it. The girls at work always mention it when I do. It makes me feel a bit feminine during the dreary winter.

  11. You are adorable, I love dresses over jeans!


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