Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 2

It's Day 2 of Fall Fashion Week 2012!

Thank you guys for all your sweet comments!

I tried my purple converse-rip offs but they weren't 
working with the ensemble so I switched to trusty boots.

This is me not ready for the my close up...

And this is me ready...
...Vast improvement, right?

Don't forget to check out what all the other ladies are wearing (and tell them how great they look!) by going to Deanna's blog here.


  1. I think that outfit totally works with the Converse! Especially with the sweatshirt/Converse vs. ruffled dress... you've got that sweet/rocker chick combo going on!

    Also, that dress fits you beautifully. Did you have to alter it at all, or did you just get lucky?

  2. you are so cute! like I would probably squeeze you if I ever saw you in person. the blue dress is a great color for you. and I really like your boots.

  3. You are so FUN!! I love the colors!! The hoodie looks adorable with the dress & I love both pairs of shoes with the outfit!

  4. I want to go to the Rachael School of Modeling. You're so cute :) even when you're not ready. I should post pictures of me in the test shots...I always look one notch above deranged. I'm with Charlotte, I think the converse were cute too!

  5. I am pretty sure you look adorable in absolutely everything. Seriously. I am thinking you are the most adorable person I "know". I love how you paired your dress with your hoodie and it goes so well together.

  6. I agree with Charlotte, I think the converse look pretty darn cute with your ensemble too!!
    Much. Fun.

  7. You are so funny with your faces. I think both the converse and boots look great.

  8. i third char, converse (even knock-offs!) go with everything. =)

    as usual, you're adorable!

  9. That dress is soooo cute. I love the colour!

  10. I love this! Your "modeling" pictures make me smile! And that is an outfit I would totally wear. Very cute! :)


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