Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 Fall Fashion Week - Day 1

It's hereeee!
Fall Fashion Week - 2012!
That's 'excited' not 'scared', I promise

First and foremost, a big thank you to the hilarious and lovely Deanna for hosting.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Fall Fashion Week, it's basically a week long love-fest. You post pictures of what you're wearing each week, link up those pictures on Deanna's blog, check out what everyone else is wearing and get inspired.
People are oozing encouragement and love and you'll find your spirits are soaring all week with the goodness-of-humanity (and the fashion inspiration).

I always have aspirations of doing beautiful artsy photos like Jillian Dee or something really go-getter like a tour-of-my-city (ahem, Molly).

But then laziness, I mean, real life (that sounds much better) hits and here I am in front of a sheet in my tiny apartment. Some things never change.

This outfit represents what Fall means here....

I can throw on a leaf necklace and wear brown but who are we kidding... It's shorts weather.

Practicing my modeling skills...

Don't forget to join in! If you missed today, you can start tomorrow.

Just post your outfit and link the post over at Deanna's blog HERE.

As if the kind words and the hey-I-actually-got-dressed-today feel weren't enough incentive, there's a prize at the end of the week!

Now go check out what the other ladies are wearing (here)!


  1. i always LOVE your facial expressions. and nice 'vogue' shot. :-D

  2. Thanks for the reminder!! I wasn't going to participate but since I am already dressed, might as well link up! :-)

    Looking cute like always! Loving the backdrop and your headband!

  3. Love the accessories, the colors, & your fun poses!

  4. I love the mustard and brown color combo but most of all your facial expressions! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I love those shoes, I have some similar!
    I also love the shorts but I just can't pull those off right now. It's freezing in the morning, warm-ish in the afternoon, freezing in the evenings. I need some of those snap-off track pants to wear over my shorts, ha.

  6. You hung up a sheet...obviously you aren't lazy! Love the yellow and brown combo. Always a winning combination.

  7. That is cute necklace, and I love your headband.

  8. I'm having the same "fall fashion" issue. Any time the temp dips below 80 I'm throwing on a wool skirt and pretending I'm not dying. Sigh. I do love your colors and cute necklace. It's very fall-esq.

  9. dang, look gooooooood. =) i hear you on the shorts weather,m too -- it was more autumnal here in june. you're adorable, though, regardless of the season!

    don't think i'm playing along this year...i was thinking it was in october, for some reason, and i've got a proposal due on friday [that i still haven't started writing!] and just don't think i have to the time. =/

  10. I really like your cardigan. I wish I could find one in that color!

  11. I just heard about this on someone else's blog today! Never knew about it before today. BUT! I love your photos--love that you had fun with this. :)

    the Reverie blog

  12. wow, you are one... inventive... model.

    so, most of the bloggers I've looked at and read so far have been in the south or west coast, complaining about the non-fall temperatures. well, it was 58 degrees today, so I'll take all the boots and tights I can! :D

    you look adorable, but that's nothing new!

  13. Your skills are unmatched.
    I really, really wish I could rock a headband the way you can!

  14. This outfit is super cute too and I love all your silly poses! hehe. Also, and I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but I wish I had your legs! (Oh and I also wear Converse rip-offs!)


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