Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monkey see, monkey craft

It was either that title or 'I came, I saw, I crafted'

I'm on a very tight budget these days (last paycheck was Sept 1st, next one is Nov 1st. Eep!)

So you'd think shopping wouldn't be fun but au contraire!
I love seeing something I want and then immediately thinking, "How could I make that?"

Point in case... 
I saw this bracelet...

Gorgeous, right? But also $50! No way is that in my budget... 
So I made my own!

I also liked these stackable rings but they were 
something like $20 each. 


So I made my own!

Even that pillow I gave to Boyfriend-Fellow for our anniversary was a product of seeing something I liked...

And then making my own!

Aaaandd this one's definitely not my greatest creation 
but Boyfriend-Fellow liked this sign...

But it wasn't for sale, so I made him one...

I want to do this next.

What crafts are you excited to try?

Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 7

Oh my gosh, it's the very last day of 2012 Fall Fashion Week!

Wah wah...

Today is brought to you by the letter(s) 
*and your random shutter timing

Can I get an amen on that?

This is pretty much my go-to-outfit (as evidenced by the fact that I've worn before on the blog but never for Fashion Week so it doesn't count, right?)
dress - f21
cardigan - bunny's in Santa Cruz
headband - aldo
necklace - gift from my mom

I really wish I had a better close up of the necklace available... 
I just lifted this one from a previous post but it's a locket that expands to hold pictures of my extra big family (stepdad, parents and three siblings).

Channeling Emery...

Channeling... me?

Again, thank you soOooOoo much for hosting this, Deanna.
And thank you to all of YOU and your uber sweet comments.
I've been on cloud 9, having fun and being inspired all week thanks to you guys.

Click here to be wowed by all the other ladies.

Katelyn taught me I would like some more flowy layers
Autumn taught me I would like to wear more tights
Kristina and Deanna (just to name a few) taught me I would like a jean jacket
Jamie and Deanna showed me how freakin' awesome plaid/flannel could be.
Charity made me want to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe.
Rachel and Kristina had the COOLEST necklaces.
Jillian Dee looked runway ready every day and made me want to be more edgy (boots with puffy tutus! Long jackets with little black dresses)!
Charlotte made me want to put more thought into my outfits so they're finished works of art!
Jessica (and Deanna) made me want to rock some stripes!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 6

Hello there!
It's Day 6 of 2012 Fall Fashion Week!
Can you believe it?!

Tonight, we finally celebrate 
Boyfriend-Fellow and my anniversary*!!!
*which was Monday

I even did my nails for the occasion**
**occasion is one of those words I ALWAYS spell wrong (usually occassion)

Here's the head-to-toe...
dress - bunny's in Santa Cruz
necklace - gifted from boyfriend fellow (same one as yesterday)
earrings - made by my cousin
hair rose - probably claire's?
shirt - probably f21
shoes - probably target?

My anniversary gifts for him...
He has a corgi at his parent's house (on the east coast), that he really misses, so I made him a pillow of his puppy.

And I did a few paintings on some pennies (each one represents somewhere we've visited or lived).

And we love doing sodoku when we travel on planes together (it's super couple-y. We pretend to barf but we love it), so I got him this...

Hope you've enjoyed this Fashion Week as much as I have! 
I'll be sad to see it go. :(
Check out everyone else's ensembles here!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 5

I can't believe Fall Fashion Week is almost over! I'm getting so inspired by you guys (not to mention floating on air from your comments! Thank you so much!)

Nothing says classy like a dress over jeans, am I right?
In case you were wondering, that's me showing you my sparkly gold shoes in that last photo.

jeans - marshalls

shoes - don't remember
dress - don't remember (f21 maybe?)
hair clip - made by me

I can't decide which trend has been worse for my body type...
the midriff in 8th grade or this whole 'baby doll' dress fad.
But I will overcome!

This is a close up of my necklace (sorry for the poor quality).
It was a Christmas gift from Boyfriend-Fellow and my everyday go-to necklace.

Does he have good taste or what?!

Go link up YOUR outfit and check out the other participants at Deanna's blog here!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 4

First off, some housekeeping...

Lindz asked that I post where I got my outfit details from so here's yesterday's
dress - buffalo exchange
jacket - Nordstrom Rack
necklace - A little boutique called Idle Hands in Santa Cruz (but I've seen similar ones all over)
Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got my boots or my hat from but they were probably f21 or something like that.

And Michelle asked what was on my necklace so here's a close up...

Now onto today's outfit...

It's time for some mid-week casual...
This is what I like to call my 'safari outfit'.

Hence the safari poses (don't ask)

shirt - H&M
shorts - Old Navy
boots - Marshall's
necklace - see below

Hanging my head in shame...

Today I'm wearing a spoon necklace!

I made it after seeing this post on the lovely Megan's blog.
This one in particular is an old photo of my mom from her yearbook.

Don't forget to link up and check out what everyone 
else is wearing by clicking here!

Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 3

Day 3 of Fall Fashion Week - Are you getting inspired yet?! 
I sure am! 

Like from the epitome of chic

And that's just to name a few!

To me, Fall means hats.
And blanket piles.
And padding around in oversized socks.
And fireplaces.
And pumpkin-flavored everything.
And reading.
And apple festivals.
But especially hats.
Even if they don't match the rest of your outfit.

This hat reminds me of Deanna's really, really awesome hat from Day 1.


Don't forget to link up, see what everyone else is wearing and spread the love at Deanna's blog here.

P.S. For your entertainment... This is me trying to set off my camera's auto timer

P.S. Today is Boyfriend-Fellow and my anniversary! We're gonna celebrate later in the week though, cuz today's not the best day for either of us, busy-wise.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 - Fall Fashion Week - Day 2

It's Day 2 of Fall Fashion Week 2012!

Thank you guys for all your sweet comments!

I tried my purple converse-rip offs but they weren't 
working with the ensemble so I switched to trusty boots.

This is me not ready for the my close up...

And this is me ready...
...Vast improvement, right?

Don't forget to check out what all the other ladies are wearing (and tell them how great they look!) by going to Deanna's blog here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 Fall Fashion Week - Day 1

It's hereeee!
Fall Fashion Week - 2012!
That's 'excited' not 'scared', I promise

First and foremost, a big thank you to the hilarious and lovely Deanna for hosting.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Fall Fashion Week, it's basically a week long love-fest. You post pictures of what you're wearing each week, link up those pictures on Deanna's blog, check out what everyone else is wearing and get inspired.
People are oozing encouragement and love and you'll find your spirits are soaring all week with the goodness-of-humanity (and the fashion inspiration).

I always have aspirations of doing beautiful artsy photos like Jillian Dee or something really go-getter like a tour-of-my-city (ahem, Molly).

But then laziness, I mean, real life (that sounds much better) hits and here I am in front of a sheet in my tiny apartment. Some things never change.

This outfit represents what Fall means here....

I can throw on a leaf necklace and wear brown but who are we kidding... It's shorts weather.

Practicing my modeling skills...

Don't forget to join in! If you missed today, you can start tomorrow.

Just post your outfit and link the post over at Deanna's blog HERE.

As if the kind words and the hey-I-actually-got-dressed-today feel weren't enough incentive, there's a prize at the end of the week!

Now go check out what the other ladies are wearing (here)!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tomorrow. It starts.

delirious rhapsody
(click me to be taken to Deanna's blog)

I know I'm a broken record here but I'm just excited and I want everyone to participate.

Here's a recap of previous Fashion Weeks....

Are you in?!
(the correct answer is 'yes')

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Awkward/Awesome volume 65

Awesome: I submitted my very first paper for publication on Tuesday (fingers crossed that it gets accepted)!

Awesome: Fall Fashion Week starts this Saturday!!!
Awkward: It's so not Fall weather here... Sigh.

Awesome: Puppamoth had his first Pumpkin Spice Latte anyways

Awkward: Desserts that look way prettier than they taste.

Awesome: Puppamoth's first baseball game
Someone needs a 'first bath'

Awesome: Baby croissants

Awkward AND Awesome: Dragon fruit!

Awesome: I had a weekend full of adventures hosting my high school bestie!

Awkward: Accidentally shooting 100 photos in RAW format before realizing my mistake (for those not familiar, one JPEG = a very small file.  one RAW = 2 computers' worth of storage space.

Awesome: Over the weekend, I built myself a planter (post soon) and I've been hanging buckets of plants on it slowly.
Awesome x 2: I woke up to an anonymous gift of a succulent plant in a bucket! I have no idea from whom!

Awesome: Finding a small (albeit small) parking space in a crowded lot.
Awkward: I didn't realize the car I parked next to had an occupant in it who then struggled to get out of her driver's side. I proffered apologies but she just grumbled and scowled.

Awkward: Seeing something for sale at my local thrift store that was a personal gift to me (I recently cleaned out and donated a lot of stuff). Way to make me feel guilty.
It's a cookie jar

Awkward: I always forget that the microwave on the top floor of my building catches paper coffee cups on fire....

Awkward: Spending 18 minutes on hold with Starbucks to change my address. EIGHTEEN minutes. I realize that makes me a chump but after 5 minutes, I was gonna stick it out due to sheer stubborness. And I WANT my free coffee drink coupons.

Awesome: The light made a Phantom of the Opera mask on my face!

Awkward: Someone left something nice in my friend's mailbox and NOTHING I say, nothing, will convince her it wasn't from me (I'm flattered but not only is it not true, more importantly, someone's not getting their due).

Awkward: Since the top of my cling wrap container ripped off, I cut myself EVERY SINGLE time I reach into the drawer. Without fail.


On a somber note, today is Ryan's birthday.

I will always miss you.


Put your funny and/or awkward moments in the comments below!