Sunday, August 19, 2012


So, I flew to the East Coast on Monday to hang out with 
Boyfriend-Fellow's family and attend his mom's wedding.

I don't feel like it's appropriate to post pictures of anyone else besides Boyfriend-Fellow
 since they don't know about my blog so I'll stick to pictures of food and decor.
Boyfriend-Fellow's mom looked AMAZING! 
She has beautiful taste.
The ceremony was on Friday 
There were only 14 people there... 
I was one of TWO non-family members present.
 We took a limo to a cute little town 2 hours away for the actual proceedings.
 That's right... Two HOURS in the Limo. Awesome.
After the ceremony, we went to a nearby inn for fancy-schmancy drinks and horderves.

Followed by some delicious dinner...
The tastiest thing was the pesto mashed potatoes

There was cake of course

And ice cream

Saturday was the actual 100+ guest reception.

We spent the morning and afternoon decking out their amazing house with all the trimmings.
We put up tons of country-cozy decorations like 
watering-can bouquets, lanterns and candles hanging by twine,  
pictures held up with clothespins and lots of sunflowers.

 The reception was so much fun... 
Lots of family, friends, lawn games and a bit of dancing.

I'll definitely miss the east coast.


  1. Her dress looks GORGEOUS! And those decorations! Ooooh!

    And you two are so cute.

  2. All the details of the wedding look amazing!

  3. The decor, your dress, an obviously fantabulous relationship with boyfriend fellow - I'm am smitten with it all.


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