Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seeesters - Day 1

Yesterday, day 1 of sister weekend, was a smashing success! 
With picking up the ladies 1.5 hours away in the morning and administering a 3 hour exam to the class I'm assistant-teaching in the afternoon, 
I was worried that it would be far less fun-filled... I was wrong!

First, I joined the family at Bigger-Little's karate testing event.
We don't have the official results back yet but I'm sure she did great!
She looks so strong!
Then we drove the hour and a half back to my neck of the woods.

We made it with a few hours to spare before I had to give the test so we went to the aquarium!

Hands on fun

Then we got some frozen yogurt...

Then we went to their favorite little shop with the weird drinks, cheeses and British candy.

Unfortunately, at that point it was time to go to campus and administer my class's final.

The girlies got to play computer and iPhone games 
as well as watch movies so they were actually pretty content!

Next we got supplies at the store to make our own pizza 
(a sister-weekend tradition)
Enjoying their creations...
Watched a bit more of the star wars cartoon and then I attempted to put them to bed...

It took awhile.

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  1. Love the homemade pizza tradition - how fun!


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