Monday, August 6, 2012

Seeeesters, Day 2

I awoke, on Day 2 of sister weekend, to giggles.
They immediately requested we play a round of GUBs.
Note to self, DO NOT LET THEIR ANGELIC FACES FOOL YOU, before they've had their coffee, don't play a game where someone can lose.
(Oh, and self, also don't give them coffee. They're children.)
Then we went to the Farmer's Market for some samples (i.e. breakfast). 

I kid, I kid...
...They had a proper breakfast...
....If you count coconut macaroons, croissants and 
chocolate frappucinos (sans caffeine) as a proper meal. 

And caffeine for biggest sister....
We went back to my pad in the mid-morning for some chill time.

We may be past the appropriate age to nap but we all needed it.
So we did some quiet-time crafts.
Specifically, the girls each did their own sharpie mug 

Eventually they were peckish so we sacrificed some fruits for a smoothie.

And made some classic stovetop s'mores. 

We tried to go bowling but the wait was over an hour(!) so we went to the movies
(the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Killing some time first...

Since it was matinee, we pretty much had the run of the place.

After that, we met Madre for dinner.

The girlies were super wiped out.
And Madre whisked them away.
I'm both exhausted and yet, already miss them.


  1. I always wanted a sister growing up and when I read your posts, it makes me wish I really had one! I am thinking you are just as lucky to have them as they are to have you. And way to be such an amazing big sister!

  2. Guhh it is my absolute favorite to be with my sisters. So jealous of all the sister fun you had!

  3. You girls have so much fun. Also, I like that you used the word "peckish" in this post. It's my goal to use "peckish" this week instead of "hungry." That word has so much more character! :)


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