Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 63

Awesome: An impromptu visit from Madre and The Littles for a beach day

Puppamoth came too...

Awesome: When I took a picture of Puppamoth at a concert to send to Boyfriend-Fellow, some strangers were intrigued and wanted to pose with him.

And corrupt him...

Awkward: Trying to take a discrete iPhone photo of a stranger and having it go * CLICK! *

Awesome: Going to an outdoor movie night event.
 Awkward: Being stranded at an outdoor movie night event (Boyfriend-Fellow's car broke down).

Awkward: This dude... He is definitely in it for the long haul.
Awesome: I found this amazing-smelling flower on my run awhile ago and now I try to always run by the same house to get a whiff.

Awesome: Candid shots of The Littles

Awkward: Posed shots of The Littles
When will I learn?

Awkward: I now have carpal tunnel syndrome...
Carpal Tunnel is like a sports injury for nerds...
Awesome: I kinda like the way the brace looks

Awesome: Cute notes on my desk from Boyfriend-Fellow

Awesome: This sweet gate!

What's been fantastic and/or funny about your week?
Let me know in the comments below or link up your own 
awkward/awesome post. 


  1. after reading your movie night awkward, my mind immediately started singing "stranded at the drive-in..." (name that movie!)

    sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel, but honored that you asked me questions about it. =) neutral alignment is key!

    also, just wanted to let you know that this is our neuro semester, and while it's an overwhelming amount of information to learn, it's FASCINATING. holy cow. i was expecting to just be scared of the quantity of knowledge i'm expected to master, but really i am so excited to study it because IT IS SO COOL THAT THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. seriously. and, i thought you might appreciate. and commiserate (or, whatever the positive-connotation synonym of commiserate is.)

  2. the candid shot of the littles is adorbs.

    love that gate! how creative!

    and tee hee, injury for nerds. now all you need is a pocket protector...

  3. I love your tough woman face with the brace. Way to rock it!!

  4. haha....that posed picture of your sisters made me snort.

    i have carpal tunnel too! nerds unite! (although mine was caused by carrying my fat child around all the time. still counts.)


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