Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 60

It's Thursday! Time to dish the awkward 
and awesome moments of my week!

Awesome: Already working when my time-to-wake-up alarm goes off.

Awkward: Noticing this in my browser bar....
 (If you must know... I needed a picture for a flyer I was making about a scientific talk)

Awesome: Brother got the job he interviewed for!

Awkward: Faja goes in for the 3rd surgery on his shoulder (for an injury caused by his horrible, evil dog).

Awesome: Having a sisters weekend (see here and here).

Awesome: This adorable vegetable palm tree.

Awkward AND Awesome: I tried out a new cafe and apparently Susie, the pug in a stroller, and her owner are regulars.

Awkward: When I told Littlest-Little I liked plain crepes, she said, "Yeah, me too... because they're like skin."

Awesome: Absolutely NEEDING to go for a run and making up my mind to do it.
Awkward: It was 90 degrees out. Ick.

Awkward: Asking, "Did someone leave their purse on my desk?" and having my MALE office-mate claim owernship.  I meant, 'man-satchel', sorry.

Awkward: After my friend accepted my proffered bite of curry, she says, "Um, are there nuts in this?" (She's DEADLY allergic to most nuts).
Awkward x 2: There were.
Awesome: They were almonds (one of only two types of nuts that wont KILL her).

Awesome: Seeing a friend I haven't hung out with in months across the room.
Awkward: I ran up and gave a looonnnnggggg hug to his back in such a way that he couldn't see who it was.
Awkward x 2: When he turned around, it wasn't him. I had very long and awkwardly back-hugged a total stranger.

Awkward: Littlest-Little was cold while we were at the Farmer's market. 
Awkward x 2: I gave her my cardigan which I HAD been using to cover up my bra straps since my dress was strapless.
NOTE: When you're my age and walking around with two kids that age, you don't want your bra straps showing... You already looked like you had kids when you were 14.

Awkward: They checked Littlest-Little's purse when we went to the theater because of Colorado. it's both sad it's come to bag-checking and especially bag-checking of a 9 year old.

Awesome: This tiny door. Complete with keyhole!

What's been awkward/awesome with you recently?


  1. oh wow...back hugging a stranger. that is hilarious!

  2. The backhugging is absolutely hilarious. Hopefully you are laughing about it now, too. :)

    1. Oh I am. I should have followed that with, "Awesome: I made a new friend." because he and I got to talking and hit it off. :)

  3. These are some of the best yet!!! I laughed out loud about the back hug! That is something that would happen to me. And the bra with the strapless dress, classy!

  4. Your awkward moments are HILARIOUS. Especially the man-satchel one and the stranger-hug! LOL. Love your sense of humor :)

  5. Awkward x 2: When he turned around, it wasn't him. I had very long and awkwardly back-hugged a total stranger.

    UGH, so awkward! Give me the shudders thinking about it!

    Littlest's comment about crepes is funny & creepy.


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