Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 59

Time for my weekly oversharing...

Awesome: Going shopping with a new friend.
Awkward: ... who doesn't yet know my style. So she suggested I try on a maxi dress (I LOATHE maxi dresses on me).
Awesome: Because I didn't want to be rude, I tried it on... And LOVED it.
Awkward: It's from Anthropologie (i.e. costs and arm and a leg)
Awesome: It was on sale!
Awkward: But it's from Anthropologie, so on sale, it costs 1/2 an arm and a leg....

Awesome: My friend invited me to Triva Night at a cool British Pub.
Awkward: I contributed NOTHING. No, wait... I did lose us a point once. So I contributed negatively.

Awkward: Since I'm only TA-ing and not actually taking any academic classes this summer, I no longer have access to the gym
Awesome: So I'm taking dance classes to stay active.
Awkward: We had a sub in my dance class yesterday and it was laaammme-o.
Awesome: So I snuck into the regular gym area (shhh!) and used the elliptical for the first time in forever. It felt great.

Awkward: I needed a bunch of Medjool dates to make some recipes for Saturday's party and the store was out!
Awesome: I enlisted the help of an employee and he was able to find ONE last $10 bucket of dates.
Awkward: He had already opened it to take out 3 of them for a woman who didn't need $10-worth.
Awesome: So he gave it to me for free!

Awesome: Since my cards had to be cancelled, my bank gave me a temporary ATM card.
Awkward: It doesn't have my name or the visa logo so I can't use it a lot of places.
Awesome: But it does seem to work at grocery stores!
Awkward: I loaded up my cart the other day at 99-cent store (end of the month = no more Whole Foods for me...) and they didn't have a debit machine. When they asked for my card I handed this over, forgetting...
Obviously it didn't fly...

Awkward: On Saturday, when I went to the Farmer's market, I thought it was Sunday so I parked for 2.5 hours -  without paying- in a 2-hour, metered spot.
Awesome: I somehow didn't get a ticket!

Awkward: HOW does our society not have a way to watch the olympics online for free yet?!  
I don't have a cable subscription to enter in and so I guess I wont see this season.
Awkward: Helping a friend move... barefoot.

Awkward: I wore a shirt from a time when I phone-banked for a particular proposition and someone asked, "Did the proposition pass or not?" I couldn't say...

Awkward: I was asked out by a guy named Sage who is obviously channeling his inner Fight-Club-Brad-Pitt because he's a punk-hippie, who answers to no man and works for a fair-trade soap company.

Awkward: Boyfriend-Fellow is gone to the East Coast for 3 weeks.
Awesome: I'll join him there for the last one.

Awesome: Madre left my sisters a note when she went to use her rowing machine in the guest house... They embellished it.

Awkward AND Awesome: I had froyo for dinner last night. I eat healthy most of the time so I'm letting this one slide....

Awesome: Due to the limited counter space I have, I thought it ingenious to put the dish drying rack IN the sink like so...
Awkward: Little did I know that I was growing a garden of filth underneath.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! Did you hold off to save half your limbs?

  2. But did you get the maxi dress?

    "Awkward: HOW does our society not have a way to watch the olympics online for free yet?!
    I don't have a cable subscription to enter in and so I guess I wont see this season."
    SAME HERE. Why do I need cable to watch something online?! Not fair!

    1. Nope, I figured it wouldn't be as flattering if I was missing limbs (or parts of limbs).

  3. We don't have cable and it was sucky when I found out I couldn't watch online for free! Makes me a bit angry.

    Maybe that dress will find you again one day!

  4. that dress does look amazing on you! too bad it wouldn't look as good if you were missing half of your limbs. :-/

  5. oh my gosh, that garden of should keep it and grow it in a planter...just to see what comes of it!

    1. It'll probably just sprout more dirty dishes....

  6. I don't have about your post!! so different kind of post!!


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