Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer 2012 - Faraway Land - Day 3

Day 3 in Faraway Land.
Gosh I love waking up in a tent (when it's not too hot!)
First thing in the morning, Boyfriend-Fellow and I 
whisked the girlies away for some GUB-playing and breakfast in town. 
Madre took the girlies back to camp while Boyfriend-Fellow 
and I picked fruit from a neighbor's tree (with their permission of course).

When we got back to the property, we spent a good amount of time lounging and reading.

Then some excitement happened! 
My aunt and uncle, who were also camping with us (along with their brood),  
bought a puppy!
Hiding behind Boyfriend-Fellow's legs.

Meeting Gus.

In addition to the pictures of the cute puppy, 
I snuck some pictures of my cute sissies and boyfriend....



In the late afternoon, Boyfriend-Fellow, 
Madre and I went over to a neighbor's house 
(my favorite people in Faraway Land) for a visit.

Then Boyfriend-Fellow and I went into town for a small dinner.
We were the only two guests on the back patio. 

The evening was spent thinking of puns using Gus's name.  Much laughter.

There were supposedly going to be northern lights but we all fell asleep before then.

And that was our trip! We went home the next day.
I'd say it was the perfect mix of excitement, less-technology, lounging around...

Oh, and these were from Day 2 but I forgot to post them....

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  1. LOVE your pics from day two! So colorful and fun. And your dress is amazing. I am glad to hear of someone else loving tent camping. It seems like a lost art and people always look and Ian and I like we are crazy when we say we still camp in a tent.


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