Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer 2012 - Faraway Land - Day 2

***NOTE: Ooops, I posted these out of order. 
I already posted Day 1 and Day 3 ***

Boyfriend-Fellow and I started Day 2 in 
Faraway Land with an early morning hike!

Then we went to the lake...





There was a lot of swimming...
Doesn't she look like a teenager?!

 Someone (Gus) was jealous/protective...
So he joined!
...Learning how to skip rocks 

...(taught expertly by Boyfriend-Fellow)...

...and trying to get a certain puppy more water-comfy.
Trying to lure him

Bringing him in deeper

We stopped at a few local sites on the way home, 
collected some rocks and got pizza in town.

So, again, another wonderful day camping!

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  1. So much fun! It looks like a great day for camping!


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