Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer 2012 - Faraway Land - Day 1

Rather than the 14-ish hour drive, Boyfriend-Fellow and
I flew part way and then drove to get to Faraway Land to join the family.

Our flight was early but fortunately, a VERY kind
friend offered to drive us to the airport at 5 am!

Puppamoth was very excited. It was his first flight!

He brought lots of reading...

Got some cash when we landed...

And was just being silly overall....


The after-flight drive was gorgeous and gave Boyfriend-Fellow
a preview of the anti-metropolis we were heading to.
One place we stopped had a mirror hanging outside and I liked how it looked.
 The family was having a day-outing so
Boyfriend-Fellow and I spent some time in town.
First we got lunch...

Then we played some (zonked) GUBS...

Then we visited the bookstore

Then we had a glass of wine.

By then, the family met us and we all went 
back to the property and finally got to see Gus!

And Boyfriend-Fellow got a tour of the place.

Overall, a successful first day!


  1. That is SO much fun, I'm really jealous that you get to have such a relaxing getaway. Enjoy your family time!

  2. Aw, Gus is so cute! And yay to friends who will drive you to the airport at 5am :)


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