Tuesday, July 3, 2012


When Faja and Brutharrr came to visit, Brutharrr and I spent a good amount of time watching Friday Night Lights and filling out his Listography book.
There's a spot for making up lists and I was inspired by Deanna's list of things she hates that other people love (she also added a list of things she loves that other people hate)

So I thought it'd be fun MY lists and to hear what you'd put on it....

Things you do/don't like that other people don't/do
I don't like.... minty toothpaste/gum, etc (When I want a clean mouth, I want it to taste like nothing)
I don't like.... shopping for jeans
I don't like ... showering (I get SO bored)
I don't like... when the waiter refills my water before I'm done
I don't like... ice in my drinks. Or cold water for that matter (it hurts my teeth)
I don't like... when cars wait for me to cross when there's only one of them (I would rather they just go, not watch me as I walk past)
I don't like... shuffling cards
I don't like... most pies or any cheesecake (but I love cream cheese, don't try to tell me they're the same)
I don't like... the beach (not that I hate it, I'd just prefer to be somewhere where my hair doesn't turn into stringy mess and my nose and eyes don't turn red from sun- and/or wind-burn).
I don't like ... the beginning of conversations when they're so standard ("How are you?" "Fine. How are you?" "Fine." Can we just skip that?!)
I don't like... talking on the phone/video chatting. I love connecting with people but I really prefer other means.
I don't like...  3D movies.

I like... hair in my face
I like... scratching sand out of my hair
I like.. eating ALL of the apple (except for the seeds).
On a related note...
I like... eating fruits and veggies raw without cutting them up (I just bite into bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, you name it)
I like... movies the second time around (I like paying attention to the other details after I know the plot)
I like... changing toilet paper rolls (I do it at my friend's houses, when it's needed of course)
I like... lame puns. (So much)
I like... the smell of skunks (I was reminded of this one after seeing it on Deanna's blog), the smell of gasoline and nail salons. Not good for me, I know...
I like... after something nice of mine gets it's first scratch/ding (Now I can stop caring about keeping it pristine)
I like... commercials. (They're entertaining if they're clever and they're fun to make fun of when they're stupid)
I like... the taste of diet sodas (maybe more than non-diet) *Though I don't drink either.
I like... hot drinks on hot days.
I like... BAKING in a hot car. It feels like a jacuzzi. Without the mess of being wet. 
I like... Moving! It's so fun to rearrange and organize and make a new chapter of your life.

I'm curious as to what you'd have on this list! 
Let me know in the comments.


  1. your last one there strikes close to home, as we're in the middle of a move right now. i do really like the sense of possibility and the puzzle ("how do we make *this* place best reflect our likes and needs?"), but i intensely dislike the work of moving. it's probably not so bad when you don't have furniture or Nice Things That Were Wedding Gifts or any of that, but moving a whole household...ugh.

  2. I don't like.... shopping for jeans - does any girl like shopping for jeans? I'd like to meet her.

    I don't like... ice in my drinks. Or cold water for that matter - I specifically like to drink tepid water, but I don't mind ice in other drinks.

    I don't like... most pies or any cheesecake - neither Jordan or I like cheesecake and IT DOES NOT taste like cream cheese. Cream cheese is for bagels, not cake.

    I don't like... 3D movies - me either, it gives me a whopping headache.

    I like... hot drinks on hot days.
    I like... Moving!
    Don't like either of those!

  3. i eat all of the apple too. and while i do like to take a shower, i really hate washing my hair and shaving.

  4. I love this!

    I don't just don't like shopping for jeans, I hate it!


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