Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House tour!

I've been in my new place over a week now so it feels like a house tour is in order.
Or, studio tour, as it were.

This is the general gist of my house....
Main room (view 1)

Main room (view 2)

Kitchen (view 1)

Kitchen (view 2)

As you can see, I don't have a lot of room for furniture. 
This includes bookshelves. 
So what's a girl to do?
Answer: Take this...

 And make this!

My space is cozy and PERFECT for me. 
It inspires me to be productive at home (read: do crafts) because I have everything relatively accessible and close-by and it encourages me to be social (cuz it's too small to stay in too long).

To see past places I've lived, click on the links below


  1. What a cute little place. I'm glad you like it and it's making you more productive!

  2. very cute!

    are you there just for the summer, or is this a relatively permanent thing (as much as anything is in your world!)? =)

    cute kitchen, btw. i totally empathize with the have-to-turn-microwave-sideways-to-fit scenario, but those vintage kitchens are so dang charming. plus, it looks like you have an ironing board cabinet, and i'm jealous -- i made ours into a jam cabinet (so perfect!), but now we're having to leave it behind...

    yes, we are also mid-move, but it's going to take *much* longer than a week for it to be ready to show off. =)

    1. It's a relatively permanent thing (thank goodness!).
      It does look like an ironing board cabinet but it's actually a tea closet! I'll put pictures of it up soon. Where are you moving to (same area or different)?

    2. same area, ever-so-slightly-less-nice neighborhood (we doubled our square footage at the same rent, so...). not having mold problems or a schmuck of a landlord is worth it, though. =)

  3. The moldings and the floor in your place are amazing! I am partial to older homes anyway. It looks like you have just the right amount of room in there. And a walk in closet? I am a little jealous.

    The thing I love about blogging is being able to easily go back and look at how life was. So, thanks for sharing your past living space links at the bottom!

  4. How cute! It feels like you just moved in, and you have everything already all fixed up! I think I'd still have boxes around.. hehe


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