Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY fabric from plastic bags

***NOTE: Apologies if you've already seen this post... 
There was issues publishing it so I'm doing it again.***

Remember how my wallet got stolen?
Well, I've been without ever since.
Until now!
At a farmer's market, this girl was selling super cute bags and coin purses and then I found out they were made out of plastic bags!
Yeah, you can iron plastic bags to make fabric! 
And then do whatever you want!

Like make a wallet! 

I followed this tutorial but the basics are...
1) Splay* out six-8 plastic bags (if they have writing, make sure it's on the inside or covered by a clear plastic bag cuz it melts)
*grooosssss word
2) Sandwich between wax paper

3) Iron them on low-medium (I did one above the 'rayon' setting).

4) Flip, iron other side.

When it feels like they're all one solid piece, peel off the wax paper (duh) and go make something!

What I liked about my old wallet is that it held my phone.
So, I made this one to do the same...

From the top:

From the front:

From the back:

Let me know if you try it! 

The actual ironing is super fast. 
The sewing is where the time goes.
But it's so fun you don't realize where the hours went!


  1. So cool! And I love that it gives a use for plastic bags. Your's turned out really cute.

  2. This is amaze balls. What I want to know is, who figured this trick out? Who was sitting around stacking plastic bags and then ironing them?

    1. That's a good point - wouldn't they think the bags would catch on fire? That would be my concern!

  3. Pure genius. And the pink with the big teal button? Love!


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