Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 57

Awkward: My dance teacher was 15 minutes late to the first class.
Awkward x 2: The class is only 50 minutes long.
Awkward AND Awesome: I didn't want to NOT dance so I put on some music and organized some dance games/warm-ups, etc, until she got there.
I felt half SO stupid and half like Frank in Catch Me If You Can when he's pretending to be the teacher.

Awesome: Outdoor movie night!

Awesome: Our friend up in Faraway Land makes and sells the best butterscotch ever.
Awkward: We pretty much bought her out of her stock every day we were there.

Awkward: Texting someone "Be there in 5" meaning I'LL be there in 5 minutes but it sounded like I was commanding HER to be there in 5. 
Awkward AND Awesome: My sisters wanted their own nickname for Boyfriend-Fellow and somehow they decided on 'Cheeto-Hog' even though he pretty much doesn't eat junk food in general and they've certainly never seen him eat Cheetos.  So we act it out whenever we can now.

Awkward: This trash can. Apparently people putting poop in it is a problem.

Awkward: The name of this wine company (A 'klinker', in my dad's house, refers to the poop that gets stuck on our pet's fur coming out and a 'brick', well, means just poop).

Awesome: When we went to visit a friend, he had a loose parrot roaming his house.
Awkward: The parrot didn't like our intrusion and aggressively attacked our leather shoes for the next hour.

Awkward AND Awesome: This general store/post office.

What's been awkward and awesome about your week?


  1. Love outdoor movies! And ew, poop in the trash can?! Gross! Love the "no poops" now on the side of it :D

  2. I love the reference to Catch Me if You Can!

  3. haha! We call "klinkers" "dingle berries". Sigh. Poor puppies.


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