Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 56

It's Awkward/Awesome THUUURSSSDAY time! 

Awkward AND Awesome: This picture my dad sent me of Little-Rachael

Awesome: Taking a mini-vacation to join my family camping.
Awesome x 2: Bringing Boyfriend-Fellow!
Awkward: They're camping so far away, it's more economical to take a flight to them.
Awkward x 2: We have to be at the airport by 5am-ish. BARF.

Awesome: Making friends with all my new neighbors (including one who is a zoo animal trainer and another who is a professional ballroom dancer!).

Awesome: Look what the previous tenant left me (sure beats what they left me in the oven!)

Let the colored light bulb vase making commence!

Awkward: Starting to burn my stir fry.
Awkward x 2: Moving my stir fry off the open flame and instead burning my arm hairs.

Awesome: After dating Boyfriend-Fellow for 10 months, finally heading to his apartment's jacuzzi.
Awkward: There were already people in it.
Awesome: We made friends with them!

Awkward AND Awesome: Playing GUBs at a (semi-) fancy restaurant.

Awesome: Remember Puppamoth? I gave him to Boyfriend-Fellow and they're best buds now....
Puppamoth playing GUBs.

Speaking of GUBs...
Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow and I were selected to play-test the new expansion of GUBS!!! NOTE: It's in the early phases with no official publishing date released yet.

Awesome: Making more of the captain-crunch-and-fruity-pebble-treats.
Awkward: Giving some to someone who is allergic to corn (I've never heard of that one before).

Your turn! Share your stories in the comments below!

P.S. Didja read this story of the 14-year-old that got Seventeen magazine to stop photoshopping girl's faces and bodies?


  1. Biggest-Little looks just like you in that top photo!!

    Ouch to your little arm hairs!!

  2. That old picture of you made my day! Seriously! It makes me feel better that I wasn't the only little kid running around in glasses.

  3. Little Rachael is pretty awesome!! Love that you posted that!

  4. Puppamoth is just the cutest thing. He reminds me of a character that would be in a Studio Ghibli film (like My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away).

    Playing GUBS in a fancy restaurant? You're my kind of girl!


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