Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 55

Happy Cinco de July! How was your 4th?
Time for Awkward/Awesomes.....

Awkward: This realization yesterday....

Awesome: Making Rice Krispy treats but using Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies. There were no survivors (leftovers).
Making/eating them..

Transferring to the pan...

The finished product

Heading to the partayyyy

Awesome: Being invited to a beach-house party.
Awkward: After finding the house, we had to drive 40 MINUTES(!) for parking.
Awkward x 2: When we did find parking, it was over a mile away from the house.

Awesome: Planting what some people consider 'weeds' like they're flowers
Awkward and Awesome: Sometimes my sisters text my boyfriend how much they love/miss him from my mom's phone so it looks like my mom's texting these sentiments to my boyfriend....

Awkward AND Awesome: Pretty much every dance move I've learned in my Zumba class.

Awkward: I was rock-climbing for an hour before I pulled this piece of errant plastic out of my shoe...

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow and I were miraculously able to coordinate his schedule, my schedule and the moving-truck rental availability so that he could help me move the big furniture and still make his obligations on Saturday.
Awkward: We only had the truck for 2 hours and it took 30 minutes of driving each way (so basically, down to an hour to move EVERYTHING in and out).

Awkward x 2: In the got-to-get-the-truck-back-immediately-hub-bub, I forgot to do a walk-through with the landlord.  And there are things that need fixing....

Awkward: Also in the moving-rush-hub-bub, I cracked a corner of the glass top on this coffee table.
Awesome: Because of that crack + the fact that I don't have room for it in my new place, it's now part of my garden.
Awesome: My front door is all windows.
Awkward: I realized this after stepping out of the shower...
Awesome: I was able to dig up my curtains I had gotten years ago (and thank goodness hadn't thrown away).

Awkward AND Awesome: Not having internet the first couple of days in my new place. Guess I can't waste time on the internet... I guess I'll organize my new space and watch Sound of Music!

Awkward: What the previous tenant left me in the oven....
It's light as a feather!
Speaking of burnt things...
Awkward: My new moving tan...

Your turn! What's been awkward/awesome in your world? 
How was your 4th?


  1. Ouch! That sunburn looks painful! :-(

    My awkward: I painted Levi's room. Once the paint settled it was PURPLE and definitely NOT gray! Lol

    1. Those grey colors are difficult! The same thing happened with our living room/dining room. But I decided I liked it and left it. On the other hand, my brother painted his room THREE times before he finally found a shade of grey he liked.

  2. Your sisters texting the boyfriend from your mom's phone...I LOVE it!!! And that treat from the oven, kind of nasty.

    Awesome: Ripping up the carpet in Connor's room.
    Awkward: It was glued down...this is going to be a longer DIY project than expected.
    Awkward x2: We are now sharing a room with a 2 year old!

  3. That oven cake. I can't even.. AHH. Or wait. is that a pizza?

    I also really like your little garden! I love succulents.


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