Monday, June 25, 2012

Biggest-Little turns 12!

Sniff sniff... I can't believe it!
Biggest-Little is turning TWELVE soon!
Beautiful girl

We had a birthday party on Friday...

First, her friends came over and played outside for a bit...

Then, when they were tuckered out, we went and saw Brave 
(um, a movie with a female, red-headed protagonist? Perfect for Biggest-Little).

We all loved it.

Then we came home and the kids played outside some more 
(this time with clans and bow and arrows, like the movie).
 Littlest-Little sharpening her bow

We've got such a great plot of land for outdoor play....

Tradition dictates that Madre always makes the most
scrumptious cakes you've ever dug a fork into and I decorate.

This year, Biggest-Little wanted to help decorate so 
she did the blue flowers on her chocolate cake!

More playing...

Cake time...
 Rainbow candles!

Sparkler candles!

When it got dark, Madre pulled out the parachute, glow sticks and  
colored balls and much delight was had by all.

Then my step-dad revealed the last of our fireworks!

Biggest-Little said it was her best birthday ever.

Even the clean-up the next day was kinda fun....
Biggest-Little decided that we should put the 
colored balls back into the bag in rainbow order.
 Isn't Littlest-Little gorgeous?
 I just LOVE the colors.
Good idea, Biggest-Little!

P.S. I can kinda start to believe she's really older when she makes these adult-like expressions...


  1. Happy birthday!!

    I remember turning 12. It was no-where near as cool as hers! I also want to see Brave. I saw the trailer the other day, and it looks really cute.

    That cake looks deeeeelicious. Anything chocolate? I love it.

  2. Happy birthday Big-Little!

    And you are so right - Brave would be the perfect movie for her!

  3. what a fun little birthday party! loving all the decorations!!!!
    xo TJ


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