Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 53

Awesome: I found my bank teller to be a most agreeable fellow.

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow always catches me princess-style when I jump into his arms
Awkward: I tried this trick the other day not realizing he wasn't looking and thus, slammed my tailbone into the ground from at least 5 feet up.

Awkward: Someone wearing one of those all-the-rage 'sock buns' and sitting right in front of me at the movies. What did they used to do at movies when beehive hairdos were popular?

Awesome: I found a subleaser for my place.

Awkward: I then noticed a legal problem with the situation.
Awesome: Being honest about it with the landlord and having them make an exception for me.
Goodbye room!

Awkward: Backing into a rain gutter at Boyfriend-Fellow's apartment complex and squishing it flat.
Awesome: The conversation with the manager started with, "Thank you so much for being honest and telling us about it, you have no idea how rare that is..."
Awkward: The conversation finishing with, "So.... that'll be $50. At least."

Awesome: Pandora with the seed, "Summer hits of the 90s".  Love.

Awkward: Trying to find that perfect card for an occasion (Father's day, a baby shower, etc)
Awesome: Making my own....
Felt pizza card for Faja's day
(It's not that he loves pizza, it's an inside joke from when I was little)

A baby shower card

A Thanks-for-inviting-me-to-your-wedding-and-paying-for-my-flight-for-it card

Awkward: Showing up 30 minutes early for my lease-signing/deposit-handing-over appointment.
Awesome: Making friends with my future neighbors!

What are the highs and lows of your week?


  1. I can't wait to see the new place!

    I had a great weekend with my cousin in Boise. Now I'm spending five whole days learning about making videos, which is both awkward and awesome.

  2. Awesome: Starting summer school... yes, I really do like it!

    Awkward: Being asked if I was my 30 year old friend's DAUGHTER at the Art Museum. YUCK.

  3. I love that hand stamp! Did you really get it from the bank teller? So cool!

    Awkward: Accidentally throwing hubby's lunch off the table at a restaurant.
    Awesome: The manager instantly coming over and replacing his food...and cleaning up the mess.

  4. I love those cards you made! So cute!

  5. Those cards are so cute!

    I backed into our own fence at our old house once. It was a short one so i couldn't see it, and I plowed right into it. I don't think I've ever told anyone that.. haha!

  6. i love your original cards! how cute! and princess style catching is the best!!


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