Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 52

Awesome: My big, scary, end-of-the-year talk went well.
Awkward: The question session afterwards did not....

Awkward: Being at home with Brutharrr and Pops McGee when the cleaning people came.

Awkward: My teacher thought I was 31 (I'm 26).

Awkward: This finger puppet

Awkward: Getting a ticket for not having this sticker displayed

Awkward: Seeing cheetos in the bathroom trash. Huh?

Awkward: Poo smell
Awkward x 2: Poo smell mixed with orange air freshener (so much worse!)

Awesome: My replacement credit card finally, finally came.
Awkward: To my mom's house. Doh!

Awesome: Pops McGee agreed to get photobooth photos with Brutharrr and I....
Awkward: Trying to fit 3 adults (each six feet tall or more) into a photobooth.

Awesome: Playing a student vs. faculty softball game.
Awkward: Losing. Hardcore.

Awkward AND Awesome: This sign.

Awkward AND Awesome: This sign.

Awkward AND Awesome: Being the only people over 12 playing in the tidepool zone.

Awesome: Pops McGee and Brutharrr came to visit!
Awkward: I did not realize they intended to stay with me for 3 of the days.
I do not have accommodations for extra people. Sheets were substituted for blankets and everyone slept on a different surface every night because the previous night wasn't acceptable. I spent last night on the floor of the bathroom, balancing on 2 couch cushions for a mattress.

Your turn! Tell me what went smoothly and 
what did not about your week!


  1. Awesome: Your drawing of you answering questions!

    Awkward: My SIL telling me she hates my nose ring
    Awesome: Me telling her I didn't give a crap...and really meaning it!

  2. Where can I order one of each of those signs?
    Can you imagine how much it would hurt to have (what looks like) the Jetson's plane poke you in the butt??

  3. Those signs are hilarious! Eww to the hippo one.

    1. Yeah, the hippo one is hard to tell it's a tail....


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