Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 51

Awesome: My hair is finally growing out (long enough to get wispy strands! And put in a hat!)  
I was NOT a fan of the last cut....

Awesome: Our professor ended our last seminar with, "Well guys, it's been real." In a polish accent.

Awkward: Having to wear my boss's clothing and jewelry for a skit we were filming.
Awesome: I love her clothes.

Awkward: Whenever I accidentally rub one of my gold shoes against my ankle, the little sparkles CUT my skin.

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow taking me out for wine.
Awkward: The look the server gave me when I asked for a 'sour' white.  He instructed me NEVER to use the word "sour" and to instead use "bright" or "apple-y".

Awkward: The classic "Reply All" instead of "Reply" move.  To the whole graduate department. It was bound to happen.

Awesome: White nails with gold glitter.

Awkward: ALWAYS getting my earring caught on my towel when I'm rubbing my hair dry.
(It's one of those top-of-the-ear piercings that I don't take out for any reason.)

Awesome: Whenever Boyfriend-Fellow swings by my desk and I'm not there, he writes on whatever I'm working on.
His nickname for me is 'Face' and every variant thereof (Fayce, RachFace, etc)

Awesome: Getting to practice my upcoming end-of-the-year talk in front of a smaller subset of faculty.
Awkward: I'm not going to be incorporating a lot of their suggestions.... I'm sure that will endear me to them.

Awesome: Getting to eat lunch in the gorgeous weather.

Awkward: Since my wallet is still missing, and I need all the cash I can get for gas, I end up writing checks for as little as $4.54. I definitely get the stink eye.

Awkward: My microwave broke. 
Awkward x 2: My computer cord broke. AGAIN. I still can't believe they're $90!

Awesome: At my friend's offering, I took a bite of her lunch.
Awkward: As soon as the fork touched my lips, I remembered I'd recently eaten nuts. She's deathly allergic to nuts.
Awesome: She was done with her lunch anyways. PHEW.

Did you have any particularly embarrassing, fantastic or hilarious moments this week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Your hat wearing is so cute! And I love your necklace!

    I also have those same shoes! Except my glitter is purple-y, but darn, it hurts :(

  2. Your sparkly shoes are so adorable. I'm bummed that they're hurting you! Bad shoes!!!

  3. My husband calls our baby "Lil' Face," which I love.. I think your nickname is cute!


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