Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 54

Awkward AND Awesome: Us three sisters...

Awesome: After finishing her hummus sandwich, Bigger Little leaned back and said, "Look! I made modern art!"

Awkward: I walked right through the screen door at Boyfriend-Fellow's apartment...
Awesome: Though it's off it's runners, at least it's not torn or anything.

Awesome: Helping out a church looks like this

Awkward: While apartment-hunting, my favorite place turned out to be everyone else's favorite also... There were 42 applicants. 
Awesome: I'm moving into it this weekend!

Awkward: Summer in a window-less office.
Awesome: Mid-day summer sunshine breaks...

Awkward: Trunk apples...

Awesome: My crafting friend and I made these light-bulb vases.
Awkward: 20 minutes after she left, I broke the one I had made for my mom.
Awesome: I made two more over the weekend for her.

Awkward: At a potluck, I tried to balance a plate of food on top of a styrofoam cup of coffee and ended up spilling a bit of coffee into a salad.

Awesome: My mustache mood ring...

Awesome: My apartment-mate was able to return the mugs we bought at Costco in September.  Cotsco's return policy is so lenient! 

Awesome: Saw this on my walk...

Awkward AND Awesome: Because I haven't been as good about going to the gym, when I do go, it feels extra great (read: effective)!

Awkward: This sign.

Awkward: The coffee place nearest to me is closed for the summer & the next closest is a bit of a walk.
Awesome: On the flip side, that means less caffeine, more sunshine and more exercise...

How's your summer shaping up? 
Got any awkwards/awesomes to share?
Do so in the comments below or link to your own page!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crafts: Light Bulb Vases

My crafting friend and I stumbled across this cool looking craft and just HAD to try it ourselves....

Step 1: Safety first! 
This project definitely needs eye protection.

Step 2: Assemble your tools 
(not pictured; wire, scissors, thumb tack)

Step 3: Peel off that little metal backing with some pliers.

Step 4: Break that little black glass backing. 
I did this by gently tapping it with a hammer until I saw a crack and then
using a nail to wiggle around the pieces until they fell out.
Apologies for my manicure (especially to Molly)

Step 5: Clear out the innards. 
I did this by first using gently tapping a nail on the inside until it broke a bit. 
Then I stuck scissors in there and swirled it around (it makes a delicious crunching noise). 
Be careful not to damage the actual globe part of the bulb here.

Step 6: Using a thumbtack, put holes on both sides of the backing.

Step 7: String thin wire through to make a handle. 
We got our wire from a florist, who gave it to us for free!
At this point, you could decorate the wire if you want 
(like with ribbon) but I just kept it simple so it would blend. 

Step 8: Fill with flowers! Or whatever you want!

Step 9: Hang in your mom's beautiful vine-filled arbor.
Or whatever.

Lemme know if you try this project!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Biggest-Little turns 12!

Sniff sniff... I can't believe it!
Biggest-Little is turning TWELVE soon!
Beautiful girl

We had a birthday party on Friday...

First, her friends came over and played outside for a bit...

Then, when they were tuckered out, we went and saw Brave 
(um, a movie with a female, red-headed protagonist? Perfect for Biggest-Little).

We all loved it.

Then we came home and the kids played outside some more 
(this time with clans and bow and arrows, like the movie).
 Littlest-Little sharpening her bow

We've got such a great plot of land for outdoor play....

Tradition dictates that Madre always makes the most
scrumptious cakes you've ever dug a fork into and I decorate.

This year, Biggest-Little wanted to help decorate so 
she did the blue flowers on her chocolate cake!

More playing...

Cake time...
 Rainbow candles!

Sparkler candles!

When it got dark, Madre pulled out the parachute, glow sticks and  
colored balls and much delight was had by all.

Then my step-dad revealed the last of our fireworks!

Biggest-Little said it was her best birthday ever.

Even the clean-up the next day was kinda fun....
Biggest-Little decided that we should put the 
colored balls back into the bag in rainbow order.
 Isn't Littlest-Little gorgeous?
 I just LOVE the colors.
Good idea, Biggest-Little!

P.S. I can kinda start to believe she's really older when she makes these adult-like expressions...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sister Day!

 Yesterday, I got to have one of my most favorite things in the world.... 
A day spent with The Littles!

The official occasion was shopping for Biggest-Little's birthday 
present from me (birthday post coming soon).

The day started off with breakfast at our favorite local bakery.

There I was regaled with card tricks 
from a little magician in the making.
Throughout the day, Biggest-Little was 
working on a scarf for Littlest-Little....

Then it was off to the mall for some silliness. 
Or, rather, a LOT of silliness.

Trying on hats...

Being ridiculous...

Trying on sunglasses...

We've been looking for a BFF-type necklace for us sisters to share for roughly 3 or 4 years now.
We would find some necklace, bracelet or keychain set that KINDA might work but at least one of the three of us us weren't as excited so it always got nixed.

Finally, our search is over!

Biggest-Little stumbled across this 
beauty and we were all on board.

So, overall, the day was a whopping success.

How was YOUR Saturday? What are your plans today?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 53

Awesome: I found my bank teller to be a most agreeable fellow.

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow always catches me princess-style when I jump into his arms
Awkward: I tried this trick the other day not realizing he wasn't looking and thus, slammed my tailbone into the ground from at least 5 feet up.

Awkward: Someone wearing one of those all-the-rage 'sock buns' and sitting right in front of me at the movies. What did they used to do at movies when beehive hairdos were popular?

Awesome: I found a subleaser for my place.

Awkward: I then noticed a legal problem with the situation.
Awesome: Being honest about it with the landlord and having them make an exception for me.
Goodbye room!

Awkward: Backing into a rain gutter at Boyfriend-Fellow's apartment complex and squishing it flat.
Awesome: The conversation with the manager started with, "Thank you so much for being honest and telling us about it, you have no idea how rare that is..."
Awkward: The conversation finishing with, "So.... that'll be $50. At least."

Awesome: Pandora with the seed, "Summer hits of the 90s".  Love.

Awkward: Trying to find that perfect card for an occasion (Father's day, a baby shower, etc)
Awesome: Making my own....
Felt pizza card for Faja's day
(It's not that he loves pizza, it's an inside joke from when I was little)

A baby shower card

A Thanks-for-inviting-me-to-your-wedding-and-paying-for-my-flight-for-it card

Awkward: Showing up 30 minutes early for my lease-signing/deposit-handing-over appointment.
Awesome: Making friends with my future neighbors!

What are the highs and lows of your week?