Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend in Pictures vol. 8

Went to the happy hour of this up-and-coming brewery with purdy decorations...

Then a few of us broke off and went to get burgers (veggie burgers for me!)

Then it was sit-in-my-PJs-and-watch-a-movie time.

Extra long workout in the near-empty gym...

Went downtown to pick up some crafting supplies
Saw these pretty flowers on the way

Then Boyfriend-Fellow and I took macro photos at the tide pools

 This was Boyfriend-Fellow's first time 
shooting with a macro lens!

We saw some pretty fairy grass on the way back to the car. 

Got dinner and ate it while in line to see The Avengers!

Went shopping for the first time in ages (I desperately needed more tank tops for the gym)

Glued some fake flowers I bought from Michael's 
onto bobby pins to make new hair clips!

Boyfriend-Fellow and I made quesadillas with 
smoked gouda, grilled onions and black beans!
Then we went out for my friend's birthday....
The very nice waiter brought this for free!

What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. That fairy grass is so magical!
    We had a foggy weekend with a little exploring on Saturday but pure unadulterated laziness on Sunday.

    How was Avengers???

  2. Oh my goodness, those quesadillas......

  3. That sandwich looks so good! And I always love working out on the weekends when the gym is empty.

  4. Can't wait to see those macro pictures!


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