Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I just thought I'd do a hodgepodge post of what's been happening lately.

On Thursday...
I had this for dinner (cold) as I finished typing up the big final write up for the experiment I've been doing all year. I turned it in around 10:30pm and finally got to go home.
Boy did it feel good.
I still have to present the data to the whole department but there are plenty of practice talks between now and then.

On Friday...
I left my wallet at a Starbucks in an upscale, la-dee-dah neighborhood.  When I remembered and called an hour later, someone had already taken it! I tried to have a good attitude about it but then I kept remembering sentimental stuff like...
A poem littlest little wrote me was in there!
Pictures of my family were in there!
A very dear friend of mine bought me that wallet!

And practical stuff like...
Now I have to go to the DMV and get a new license (and pay $ for it)
Now I have to go get a new school ID (and pay $ for it) 
Now I have to call and cancel my credit cards (and have no access to cash in the meantime)
Now I have to buy a new wallet (and pay $ for it)
I had a gift card to Whole Foods in there
I had a gift card to Starbucks in there

To top it off, my key was attached to it (I wonder how much it'll cost to rekey the door...)

On Saturday...
I went to the bank with all the old expired IDs I could throw at them and they let me withdraw some cash to last me the week.
I got groceries and proceeded to home where I find we had a power outage (that lasted from 1pm to 5am).  So far, I've been eating the stuff in the fridge and haven't gotten sick. Wish me luck.
In the evening, Boyfriend-Fellow and I wandered some cool neighborhoods and I ran into someone I hadn't seen since high school (except on facebook). Such a weird experience.
On Sunday...
I got coffee with a friend and got burned.  Oops.
Despite appearances, I was starting to feel pretty blue (har har).
I think it's at least in part from the transition of full-productivity during the week to lazing-about on the weekend.  Even though I was active, I wasn't doing work-related things.

On Monday...
My crafting friend came over and we played with Sculpey.
Here are my creations (except for the top left, she made that one)...
And I made jicama chips.  Yum.  They weren't picture-worthy, however.

I had a nice long conversation with my crafting buddy, then a nice long conversation with my best friend (best friend besides my brother), then a nice long conversation with Boyfriend-Fellow and I'm feeling a bit better.

How was YOUR weekend? What did you do?


  1. Oh my gosh, how awful about your wallet! I hope dealing with it doesn't take forever. That's such a pain.

  2. I am so sad for you and your missing wallet :-( I hope whoever took it is filled with guilt and mails it to you.

    We went to a basebal, game this weekend. :-)

  3. well it can only go up from here, huh? i hope everything starts looking up even more! it's nice that you have a great support system!

  4. First, that can of soup does NOT look appetizing at all. And talk about a sucky weekend. Sorry about your wallet. That's such a bummer.

    We had a crazy busy weekend...and I got some crafting time in with some friends, which is always fun!

  5. I'm sorry about your wallet and key. Ugh, what a frustration and headache. Why couldn't it have been returned to you? What is wrong with people? Sadness.

  6. Aww sorry about your wallet girl! What a bummer. Jicama chips sound SO goooood!!


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