Friday, May 18, 2012

Macro Shots from the Tide Pools

As I mentioned here, Boyfriend-Fellow and I recently went to some tide pools to take macro shots. 
It was Boyfriend-Fellow's first time ever with a macro lens!
I was so impressed with his pictures. 
Here's one of my favorites...
 Isn't he a natural?

And here are a few I took....

I tried to make this one look like it was a landscape...

Overall, excellent date idea though next time, I want to see starfish! And bring my sisters.


  1. That picture you took of the crab is seriously amazing!

  2. Love the macro shots. I think that a macro lens might be my only request for my birthday. I would love one to play with.

  3. Those ones of the crabs are phenomenal.

  4. Beautiful! We went to the beach last week, too, although it was the Gulf Coast and it's a lot less colourful than the Pacific.


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