Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 49

Awkward: Sharing 2 rental cars between 11 people.

Awesome: Getting home after a week long conference trip!
Awkward: Immediately getting the flu.
Awkward x 2: Already having committed to a photography event.
Thank goodness it subsided to a bad headcold by then.

Awkward AND Awesome: Finding this receipt.
What's an ear dryer? And why does it cost so much?
Awkward: Staying up way too late planning a theoretical wedding and my next 10,000 meals on pinterest.  It's time suck.

Awesome: Foggy mornings.

Awkward: Mosquito bites along my bra line.

Awkward: Discovering this in the lab one morning...

Awesome: With the conference membership, we got hotel gym access.
Awkward: I didn't take advantage of this until the last day.
Awesome: We tried to get into the gym the day after the conference ended as well but our key cards didn't work.
Awesome: Someone saw us struggling and let us in.

Awkward: The stride on the elliptical machines at the hotel was even shorter than the already-too-short stride back home.
I called the movement I had to do the "Geisha Shuffle"

Awesome: The handicap bathroom has it's own little sink in there!
Awkward: None of the people waiting when you emerge know this so you have to go wash your hands (again) at the main sink or risk looking super yuck.

Awkward: Doing my hair then immediately going to the gym.  Doh!

Awesome: I etched this GUBS glass for Boyfriend-Fellow.

Awkward AND Awesome: Monday was so busy, I never had a chance to change out of my gym clothes.

Awkward: Accidentally matching Boyfriend-Fellow...

Awkward: My write up for my 1st year project is due! Hello, hours upon hours of writing.
Awesome: Finding an unlocked, empty office on our hall and using it all week to get hours upon hours of uninterrupted work done.
Awkward: Having my writing-nest discovered by some constructions guys and a faculty member.

Give me a study break! Tell me the awkwards and awesomes of your week!


  1. i hope you're feeling better by now! those foggy morning pictures are gorgeous!

  2. You know you bought and ear dryer and just don't want to admit it! And that first picture of the fog is so beautiful.

  3. I'm curious what an ear dryer is? Maybe for people who have unusually moist ears? Sweaty ears? I just don't know.

  4. I loooove foggy mornings! So pretty.


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