Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 48

Awesome: Finding the cool spot on the pillow.
Awkward: Finding the drool spot on the pillow.  

Awkward: Jumping in the pool with a pack of lactose pills in my pocket. Yup, ruined.

Awkward: Being spat on in the face through a straw from some kid at the grocery store while his mom wasn't watching.
Awkward x 2: Having his mom look at me weird when I made a startled noise

Awkward: Sleeping on the floor of a closet for 7 days.
Awkward x 2: The floor of my closet (where I put my head) was directly above the kitchen (where people who were awake hung out).
Awkward x 3: I'm allergic to down and all the pillows are down (except the hard little decorative couch ones).

Awesome: This bathroom chandelier

Awkward: I didn't have a checked bag so I couldn't bring a razor
Awesome: The concierge at the hotel the concert was held at gave me a free razor (even after I explained I wasn't a guest there).

Awkward: Our rental house has a bidet!
You needed a picture, right?

Awkward AND Awesome: Someone put a beer in a pool and called it 'emergency beer'

Awesome: Getting a comment on here from the creator of the card game GUBS after posting about playing it (here and here)!

Awkward: One of my housemates wasn't able to wake me for 3 minutes and was very concerned I was dead.

Awkward: Being the only person in a house of 11 that didn't have my food covered by my advisor, a grant or the department.
They understood but it's still uncomfortable to be the only one not pitching in money.

Awesome: Not getting any mosquito bites the first 5 days I was here.
Awkward: Taking a walk at dusk on the last evening here (stupid! stupid) and getting what I was due.

Awesome: A random person complimenting my hair on a day I was feeling really self-conscious.

Awesome: Free coffee at the conference.
Awkward: Putting down my cup and picking up someone else's and not noticing for awhile.
Awkward x 2: Theirs had milk in it. I'm lactose intolerant.
In my defense, it was a to-go cup with a lid so I couldn't see the contents

Awkward: We went outside and saw this outside our rental.... (we didn't do it, we were all home).
Awesome: The landlady says it's happened several times before (what?!)

Awkward AND Awesome: My phone no longer autocorrects 'jeal' and 'plz'...

Awkward: A check out time of 10am and a flight at 8pm. 

Your turn! What's been great and not-so-great in your life?


  1. Often when I am falling asleep I can feel myself drool a little and it grosses me out.

    1. Yeah! I know! I hate that... It makes me wake up.

  2. i'm just confused why you jumped in the pool wearing something with pockets! =) i love these posts of yours...they make me smile every time.

    1. Yeah, that's another awkward... I'm too tall for my swimsuit so I wear shorts over them. :)
      Thanks for your sweet words!

  3. That was a pretty eventful week for you! The best one for me was your housemate thinking you are dead. I can only imagine how freaked out they must have been.


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