Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 47

Well it's Saturday and you know what that means... Yup, time to post my usual Thursday post two days late! Whoooo!

Today's installment is another travel edition.

Awesome:  Cool wallpaper that's perfect for an iPhone outfit shot.

Awkward: Not having data to present at a conference.
Awesome: My boss funding me anyways so I could go and network and be inspired.

Awesome: Having my boarding pass sent to my phone.
Awkward: Having almost no battery on said phone.
Awesome: Have the battery last just long enough.
Literally.  I scanned my boarding pass bar code and 15 seconds later, my phone died. Phew!

Awkward: Having my first flight delayed.
Awesome: Having a 3 hour layover before flight # 2.  Yay for breathing room!
Awkward: On the other end, I found out that no, actually flight #2 was scheduled to board 30 minutes after I deplaned flight #1. AHHH!
Awesome: Flight #2 was delayed. Phew!
I gotta say, ignorance was bliss. I was only stressed for about 5 minutes.

Awesome: Traveling in a group.
Awkward: Being separated from my group on the connecting flight.
Awesome: Getting in 3 hours earlier than the rest of the group (Yay for not traveling at midnight!).
Awkward: The rental car was in their name. (Blah for having to wait 3 hours at the airport….)
Awesome: I ran into someone I knew from interviewing at another grad school who just happened to have a space in her car open up so she drove me to the rental house.
Awkward: Realizing I didn't have a key to the rental after my ride drove off…
Awesome: Finding a hidden one!

Awesome: Our rental has 6 beds!
Awkward: Our group has 11 people.
Awesome: I converted a closet into my own bedroom.

(these photos were taken on my iPhone using Photosynth 
which is a free app.  You can send them 3D style to people)

Awesome: Flight # 1 had all sorts of problems but the attendants handled everything well so I wrote a note and gave it to an elderly flight steward.
Awkward: He stood there and read it in front of me.
I guess I don't know what I was expecting…

I know it's late but if you have any awkwards and awesomes to share, please do so in the comments below!

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