Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 46

It's Thursday! Time for the weekly awkward/awesome roundup!
This week is kinda short...
Awesome: My friend is using my photo and my handwriting on his band's album cover!

Awkward: Forgetting to ask for an addition of cream cheese to my sushi roll (I heart cream cheese in sushi!).
Awesome: Genius Boyfriend-Fellow suggested I order it as a side.
Awkward: They gave me SO much and it looked SO weird...

Awesome: My apartment comes with 24 hr maintenance so when my fluorescent bulb was burnt out I just called and someone was there in 2 minutes.
Awkward: He proceeded to break the old bulb all over my bedroom floor.
Awkward x 2: He wouldn't let me help pick it up because it has mercury in it.
Great, I'll just find it later with my bare feet.

Awesome: I started weight-lifting (largely because of your comment, Katie).
Awesome x 2: I didn't know where to start so Boyfriend-Fellow wrote up a routine.
Awkward: He needed to show me it at least once which meant he got to see how weak I am.

Awkward: After crafting a perfect cauliflower-crust pizza, I burned in in the final stage.
Awesome: It only took me 5 minutes to make a new one.

Awkward AND Awesome: The instructions on on this body wash.

Awkward: My foundation is almost empty and now apparently consists of concentrated pigment.

Awkward: This conversation:
Store clerk: Hi! Just so you know, we close at 7.
Me: Great, thanks. What time is it now?
Store clerk: 7:15. (subtext: get out)

What were the highs and lows of your week?


  1. Fun post!! Those directions on your bodywash are hilarious!


  2. The clerk in the store cracked me up! Too funny. And that side of cream cheese does look awkward.

  3. "My friend is using my photo and my handwriting on his band's album cover!" Not a surprise! Both are beautiful.

    Are you ready to fly a butterfly and sting like a bee? You know, between the body wash and weight lifting.

  4. I just had sushi tonight with cream cheese in it and it was good! Can't go wrong with cream cheese in anything!

    And here's my awkward of the week:
    Awkward: My MIL talking to me about circumcision and deciding to describe my FIL's "man part" in detail!

  5. Like the flight of a butterfly. HAHA. I love that.


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