Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 50

A little late in the day but here are some 
of the ups and downs of my week...

Awesome: Getting the yummy chunks of fruit in your cereal.
Awkward: Getting THIS chunk...

Awkward: Buying the same song twice on iTunes

Awkward: In this interim between having my wallet taken and getting my new debit/credit cards, I'm finding out just how many places don't take checks anymore (The gas station and the pharmacy to name a few.  Le sigh...)

Awkward: Contacting the wrong 'Em' in my phone.
Awkward x 2: Writing a message to the wrong 'Shannon' (on the same day)
Awkward x 3: Texting the wrong 'Michelle' (still, the same day).

Awesome: Realizing I don't REALLY need to wear shoes at work.

Awesome: Having sisters who are Girl Scouts

Awesome: Being in and out of the DMV in 20 minutes. Yes, you read that right. Yay for appointments!

Awkward: Being 2nd to last to present my first year project on the big presentation day. Everyone is gonna be zonked by then!
Awesome: My boss wanted me to present earlier so she didn't have to stick around, so she made some phone calls.
Awkward: Now I'm the very FIRST... Eep!

Awkward: Trying to parallel park into a small parking space with Boyfriend-Fellow directing me and everything for about 8 minutes. 
Awkward x 2: Giving up and going to a new space.  There were witnesses.

Awkward and Awesome: My boss has gotten into a new type of exercise where you shout out confirmations as you do cardio.  She decided to have the whole lab do it with her on the biggest public lawn our school has to offer.

Awesome: Rainbow nails.

Share your awkwards and awesomes in the comments below! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I just thought I'd do a hodgepodge post of what's been happening lately.

On Thursday...
I had this for dinner (cold) as I finished typing up the big final write up for the experiment I've been doing all year. I turned it in around 10:30pm and finally got to go home.
Boy did it feel good.
I still have to present the data to the whole department but there are plenty of practice talks between now and then.

On Friday...
I left my wallet at a Starbucks in an upscale, la-dee-dah neighborhood.  When I remembered and called an hour later, someone had already taken it! I tried to have a good attitude about it but then I kept remembering sentimental stuff like...
A poem littlest little wrote me was in there!
Pictures of my family were in there!
A very dear friend of mine bought me that wallet!

And practical stuff like...
Now I have to go to the DMV and get a new license (and pay $ for it)
Now I have to go get a new school ID (and pay $ for it) 
Now I have to call and cancel my credit cards (and have no access to cash in the meantime)
Now I have to buy a new wallet (and pay $ for it)
I had a gift card to Whole Foods in there
I had a gift card to Starbucks in there

To top it off, my key was attached to it (I wonder how much it'll cost to rekey the door...)

On Saturday...
I went to the bank with all the old expired IDs I could throw at them and they let me withdraw some cash to last me the week.
I got groceries and proceeded to home where I find we had a power outage (that lasted from 1pm to 5am).  So far, I've been eating the stuff in the fridge and haven't gotten sick. Wish me luck.
In the evening, Boyfriend-Fellow and I wandered some cool neighborhoods and I ran into someone I hadn't seen since high school (except on facebook). Such a weird experience.
On Sunday...
I got coffee with a friend and got burned.  Oops.
Despite appearances, I was starting to feel pretty blue (har har).
I think it's at least in part from the transition of full-productivity during the week to lazing-about on the weekend.  Even though I was active, I wasn't doing work-related things.

On Monday...
My crafting friend came over and we played with Sculpey.
Here are my creations (except for the top left, she made that one)...
And I made jicama chips.  Yum.  They weren't picture-worthy, however.

I had a nice long conversation with my crafting buddy, then a nice long conversation with my best friend (best friend besides my brother), then a nice long conversation with Boyfriend-Fellow and I'm feeling a bit better.

How was YOUR weekend? What did you do?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 49

Awkward: Sharing 2 rental cars between 11 people.

Awesome: Getting home after a week long conference trip!
Awkward: Immediately getting the flu.
Awkward x 2: Already having committed to a photography event.
Thank goodness it subsided to a bad headcold by then.

Awkward AND Awesome: Finding this receipt.
What's an ear dryer? And why does it cost so much?
Awkward: Staying up way too late planning a theoretical wedding and my next 10,000 meals on pinterest.  It's time suck.

Awesome: Foggy mornings.

Awkward: Mosquito bites along my bra line.

Awkward: Discovering this in the lab one morning...

Awesome: With the conference membership, we got hotel gym access.
Awkward: I didn't take advantage of this until the last day.
Awesome: We tried to get into the gym the day after the conference ended as well but our key cards didn't work.
Awesome: Someone saw us struggling and let us in.

Awkward: The stride on the elliptical machines at the hotel was even shorter than the already-too-short stride back home.
I called the movement I had to do the "Geisha Shuffle"

Awesome: The handicap bathroom has it's own little sink in there!
Awkward: None of the people waiting when you emerge know this so you have to go wash your hands (again) at the main sink or risk looking super yuck.

Awkward: Doing my hair then immediately going to the gym.  Doh!

Awesome: I etched this GUBS glass for Boyfriend-Fellow.

Awkward AND Awesome: Monday was so busy, I never had a chance to change out of my gym clothes.

Awkward: Accidentally matching Boyfriend-Fellow...

Awkward: My write up for my 1st year project is due! Hello, hours upon hours of writing.
Awesome: Finding an unlocked, empty office on our hall and using it all week to get hours upon hours of uninterrupted work done.
Awkward: Having my writing-nest discovered by some constructions guys and a faculty member.

Give me a study break! Tell me the awkwards and awesomes of your week!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Macro Shots from the Tide Pools

As I mentioned here, Boyfriend-Fellow and I recently went to some tide pools to take macro shots. 
It was Boyfriend-Fellow's first time ever with a macro lens!
I was so impressed with his pictures. 
Here's one of my favorites...
 Isn't he a natural?

And here are a few I took....

I tried to make this one look like it was a landscape...

Overall, excellent date idea though next time, I want to see starfish! And bring my sisters.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 48

Awesome: Finding the cool spot on the pillow.
Awkward: Finding the drool spot on the pillow.  

Awkward: Jumping in the pool with a pack of lactose pills in my pocket. Yup, ruined.

Awkward: Being spat on in the face through a straw from some kid at the grocery store while his mom wasn't watching.
Awkward x 2: Having his mom look at me weird when I made a startled noise

Awkward: Sleeping on the floor of a closet for 7 days.
Awkward x 2: The floor of my closet (where I put my head) was directly above the kitchen (where people who were awake hung out).
Awkward x 3: I'm allergic to down and all the pillows are down (except the hard little decorative couch ones).

Awesome: This bathroom chandelier

Awkward: I didn't have a checked bag so I couldn't bring a razor
Awesome: The concierge at the hotel the concert was held at gave me a free razor (even after I explained I wasn't a guest there).

Awkward: Our rental house has a bidet!
You needed a picture, right?

Awkward AND Awesome: Someone put a beer in a pool and called it 'emergency beer'

Awesome: Getting a comment on here from the creator of the card game GUBS after posting about playing it (here and here)!

Awkward: One of my housemates wasn't able to wake me for 3 minutes and was very concerned I was dead.

Awkward: Being the only person in a house of 11 that didn't have my food covered by my advisor, a grant or the department.
They understood but it's still uncomfortable to be the only one not pitching in money.

Awesome: Not getting any mosquito bites the first 5 days I was here.
Awkward: Taking a walk at dusk on the last evening here (stupid! stupid) and getting what I was due.

Awesome: A random person complimenting my hair on a day I was feeling really self-conscious.

Awesome: Free coffee at the conference.
Awkward: Putting down my cup and picking up someone else's and not noticing for awhile.
Awkward x 2: Theirs had milk in it. I'm lactose intolerant.
In my defense, it was a to-go cup with a lid so I couldn't see the contents

Awkward: We went outside and saw this outside our rental.... (we didn't do it, we were all home).
Awesome: The landlady says it's happened several times before (what?!)

Awkward AND Awesome: My phone no longer autocorrects 'jeal' and 'plz'...

Awkward: A check out time of 10am and a flight at 8pm. 

Your turn! What's been great and not-so-great in your life?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Doodles vol. 4

Here are some recent doodles... 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I saw a DIY glass etching project on Elsie's blog and thought, "What a perfect craft to do with Boyfriend-Fellow" (what boy wouldn't love working with acid?).  To entice him even more, I suggested we decorate beer glasses.  By the time we got around to doing it however, both of us wanted to make something for our moms.

And that's the story of how I ended up 
giving my mom a beer glass for Mother's day.

My intended design...

Boyfriend-Fellow, hard at work...

Smearing on the glass-eating cream...

Boyfriend-Fellow's finished product...

My mom's gift...

Angle 2...

I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!

What are you guys doing to celebrate?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 47

Well it's Saturday and you know what that means... Yup, time to post my usual Thursday post two days late! Whoooo!

Today's installment is another travel edition.

Awesome:  Cool wallpaper that's perfect for an iPhone outfit shot.

Awkward: Not having data to present at a conference.
Awesome: My boss funding me anyways so I could go and network and be inspired.

Awesome: Having my boarding pass sent to my phone.
Awkward: Having almost no battery on said phone.
Awesome: Have the battery last just long enough.
Literally.  I scanned my boarding pass bar code and 15 seconds later, my phone died. Phew!

Awkward: Having my first flight delayed.
Awesome: Having a 3 hour layover before flight # 2.  Yay for breathing room!
Awkward: On the other end, I found out that no, actually flight #2 was scheduled to board 30 minutes after I deplaned flight #1. AHHH!
Awesome: Flight #2 was delayed. Phew!
I gotta say, ignorance was bliss. I was only stressed for about 5 minutes.

Awesome: Traveling in a group.
Awkward: Being separated from my group on the connecting flight.
Awesome: Getting in 3 hours earlier than the rest of the group (Yay for not traveling at midnight!).
Awkward: The rental car was in their name. (Blah for having to wait 3 hours at the airport….)
Awesome: I ran into someone I knew from interviewing at another grad school who just happened to have a space in her car open up so she drove me to the rental house.
Awkward: Realizing I didn't have a key to the rental after my ride drove off…
Awesome: Finding a hidden one!

Awesome: Our rental has 6 beds!
Awkward: Our group has 11 people.
Awesome: I converted a closet into my own bedroom.

(these photos were taken on my iPhone using Photosynth 
which is a free app.  You can send them 3D style to people)

Awesome: Flight # 1 had all sorts of problems but the attendants handled everything well so I wrote a note and gave it to an elderly flight steward.
Awkward: He stood there and read it in front of me.
I guess I don't know what I was expecting…

I know it's late but if you have any awkwards and awesomes to share, please do so in the comments below!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend in Pictures vol. 8

Went to the happy hour of this up-and-coming brewery with purdy decorations...

Then a few of us broke off and went to get burgers (veggie burgers for me!)

Then it was sit-in-my-PJs-and-watch-a-movie time.

Extra long workout in the near-empty gym...

Went downtown to pick up some crafting supplies
Saw these pretty flowers on the way

Then Boyfriend-Fellow and I took macro photos at the tide pools

 This was Boyfriend-Fellow's first time 
shooting with a macro lens!

We saw some pretty fairy grass on the way back to the car. 

Got dinner and ate it while in line to see The Avengers!

Went shopping for the first time in ages (I desperately needed more tank tops for the gym)

Glued some fake flowers I bought from Michael's 
onto bobby pins to make new hair clips!

Boyfriend-Fellow and I made quesadillas with 
smoked gouda, grilled onions and black beans!
Then we went out for my friend's birthday....
The very nice waiter brought this for free!

What did YOU do this weekend?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 46

It's Thursday! Time for the weekly awkward/awesome roundup!
This week is kinda short...
Awesome: My friend is using my photo and my handwriting on his band's album cover!

Awkward: Forgetting to ask for an addition of cream cheese to my sushi roll (I heart cream cheese in sushi!).
Awesome: Genius Boyfriend-Fellow suggested I order it as a side.
Awkward: They gave me SO much and it looked SO weird...

Awesome: My apartment comes with 24 hr maintenance so when my fluorescent bulb was burnt out I just called and someone was there in 2 minutes.
Awkward: He proceeded to break the old bulb all over my bedroom floor.
Awkward x 2: He wouldn't let me help pick it up because it has mercury in it.
Great, I'll just find it later with my bare feet.

Awesome: I started weight-lifting (largely because of your comment, Katie).
Awesome x 2: I didn't know where to start so Boyfriend-Fellow wrote up a routine.
Awkward: He needed to show me it at least once which meant he got to see how weak I am.

Awkward: After crafting a perfect cauliflower-crust pizza, I burned in in the final stage.
Awesome: It only took me 5 minutes to make a new one.

Awkward AND Awesome: The instructions on on this body wash.

Awkward: My foundation is almost empty and now apparently consists of concentrated pigment.

Awkward: This conversation:
Store clerk: Hi! Just so you know, we close at 7.
Me: Great, thanks. What time is it now?
Store clerk: 7:15. (subtext: get out)

What were the highs and lows of your week?