Sunday, April 22, 2012

East Coast Adventures

So, I went to the east coast and met Boyfriend-Fellow's family recently.
It was amazing.  He has all these great, but dichotomous aspects to his personality
(like being very open with his feelings without being emotional).
Meeting them really made it all make sense.
They're like his horcruxes.  Each of them embodying one of his great characteristics.
For example, his father is very laid back (just like Boyfriend-Fellow).
His mom is a strong leader (just like Boyfriend-Fellow).
His grandma has the BEST sense of humor (just like Boyfriend-Fellow).
and so on...
So I don't forget, here's my mini trip diary...
Plane plane 
Travel travel
Change planes.
Met Boyfriend-Fellow's dad and step-mom.
LOOOoooovVE them.

Lunch with Boyfriend-Fellow's mom.
That was the first time I met her. (Heart.)
Walked around downtown.  
Ran into lawyer dude trying to find a place that sold tape measurers
("I'm working on a case. Distance just became relevant."). 
Gave one of Boyfriend-Fellow's brothers a ride home from school.
 Watched Dan in Real Life.
Went out to dinner with the family.
Played Scrabble.
One of Boyfriend-Fellow's sisters came home from school

Met paternal grandparents.
Met Boyfriend-Fellow's friend at a California-themed restaurant (oh the irony).
Went to Boyfriend-Fellow's mom's house.
Played with puppy.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B...
Played Mario Kart
Went to happy hour to meet Boyfriend-Fellow's maternal grandma.
Whole family made dinner at home
(Boyfriend-Fellow's mom taught me to make black bean burgers!)
A post about how to make these is in the works 

Boyfriend-Fellow's mom made cookies, we ate a bunch....

More Mario Kart.
Went to bed late, couldn't sleep.
Decided to read to fall asleep and stupidly chose the Autobiography of Malcolm X.
Not a bedtime story.
Fell asleep around 2:15am

 Had to get up at 5am.
So tired I cried a little.
Piled in the car to go to Washington D.C.

First stop: cherry blossoms...

Then the Jefferson Memorial
 Washington Monument...
 The White House!
 Blocking the White House

Went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum
to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit

Then we had a family birthday party at Boyfriend-Fellow's
grandma's house where I met more of the family.
THREE types of cupcakes!
(That's one devoted grandma.)

Wandered downtown with a warm coffee, picking up gifts for
various family members with nearby birthdays.

Lunch date to celebrate Boyfriend-Fellow's birthday.

My yummy salad 
We went back to Boyfriend-Fellow's dad's.  
Big birthday dinner for all the birthdays in the vicinity

Had a calzone made with pretzel bread. (Yes, you read that right.)
  Went back to Boyfriend-Fellow's mom's house.
Looked at baby photos.

Went out to tapas with the family.
Boyfriend-Fellow and I split to get drinks at the bar he used to go with his friends
(and, get this, it's the same bar his PARENT'S
used to go to when they were that age too!
Talk about history....)
Went home to play Bananagrams with his mom (and dog)

Purdy breakfast

Looked at more baby pictures.
Plane plane...
Travel travel... 

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  1. Looks like a fun time! Baby photos are the absolute best!


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