Monday, April 9, 2012

(Birth)Day in pictures

I'm going to update this post with pictures throughout the day....

7 am
First present!

7:30 am 
Entering my new age into the elliptical....

8:30 am
Purdy breakfast!
 (don't worry, I eat more than that for breakfast)

10 am
Class (no picture, sawwy)

11 am
My coworkers got me a cake!.

12-2 pm
More class, meetings, talks, etc
(I LOVE my journal, thanks Madre)

2 pm
Coffee with Boyfriend-Fellow.
Lab spring cleaning.

2:30-5 pm
Work work work
Had a lab visitor!

5:30 pm
Work work work

Distributed Girl Scout cookies (bough affection)
Soon I'll be going home to get ready for a surprise date. So excited!

6:45 pm
Off for surprise date with Boyfriend-Fellow!

7 pm
First stop on surprise date was walking around a neighborhood
Boyfriend-Fellow (rightly) thought I'd love (one of my
favorite things is to walk around looking at houses and yards). 

7:30 pm
Dinner at an Ethiopian Restaurant
So yum.  So unbelievably yum.

9 pm
Drinks at a super cute little bar

10 pm
Boyfriend-Fellow dropped me off and gave
me a song he wrote for me (I MELT)

This was the best day.
Thanks for your birthday wishes!


  1. Happy birthday!! You are rad, so I hope your birthday is as well :)

  2. happy birthday! hope it's a great one. :)

  3. Happy birthday! What a pretty Easter egg you got to eat this morning.

  4. Happy birthday!!! I love that you are keeping it real and working out even on your birthday...go you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Boyfriend-Fellow did great!!

  6. What a great birthday! I loved your office visitor, and that the picture of the Asian baby is still up. Glad you had a great day with the BF!


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