Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 44

Heeeyyyy GUYYYSSS.
Time for my weekly dish of wins and losses.

Awesome: I planned a surprise for when Boyfriend-Fellow got his morning coffee yesterday.
Awkward: He chose that morning to get coffee elsewhere.
Awkward x 2: I then told him what the plan had been (instead of saving it for another morning... stupid).
I printed the picture and gave them money.  The coffee girls wrote the note.

Awesome: Free lunch last week.
Awesome x 2: Free lunch again this week!

Awesome: I got a cookie as a thank you for someone and left it in their mailbox.
Awkward: I then remembered that they were going to be out of town for 3 days.
Awesome: I took back the cookie and had it on hand when a stranger was about to buy a cookie so I gave it to her.

Awkward: I always seem get itchy RIGHT after I put on nail polish and thus, can't scratch.

Awkward: 3 days of working 11-12 hours in the lab. Blech.
 Bored instagram photos during calibration

Awesome: Planning to make dinner at a family friend's house who just moved to the area.
Awkward: Not getting their address until it was time to head over there and finding out they live 40 minutes away. Doh. 
We were very late for dinner.

Awkward: Making more black bean sliders than I could eat last week.
Awesome: Morphing our lab into an impromptu restaurant and serving the whole hallway.

Awkward: After making a joke about pitting two people's babies against each other, having someone quietly tell me that one of the infants in question was mentally challenged.

Awesome: Having someone walk up and say, "Do you guys want some free truffle oil, parmesan fries?"
Um, yes. Duh.

Your turn! Put your awkwards/awesomes in the comments!


  1. Awkward: Being 7 months pregnant.

    Awkward x2: Sneezing while 7 months prenant (I won't go into details)

    Awesome: It is GORGEOUS outside today and I don't have anywhere to be tonight so I can go on a long walk after work.

    Awesome: Getting to go to a screening of a kids film in the middle of the day for work.

  2. PS -- Those black bean sliders look AMAZING. Would you be willing to share the recipe?

  3. Yes ma'am! I already had one in the works :)

  4. OMG, the baby story, I die! Though it is fun to pit babies against each other.

    Awesome: Having someone willing to hold your grumpy baby
    Awkward: Looking over and realizing your baby has snot all over her face and has gotten it all over the nice lady's shirt
    Awesome: She's a grandma and didn't care

    Awkward: My car having to go back into the shop the day it came out

  5. I always get itchy feet right after I put on my shoes. Annoying!

    "Awesome: Morphing our lab into an impromptu restaurant and serving the whole hallway."

    That is awesome! I'm sure your lab mates loved you.


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