Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 43

Awesome: Being butt-dialed by Boyfriend-Fellow's mom.

Awkward: Littlest-little accidentally bumped the cake I had just finished decorating.
Awesome: Fortunately, the damage was minute and I was able to fix it.
Awkward: I decided to take a picture before it got any more potential damage and in the moving it to a better photographing surface, I DROPPED IT.
Awesome: It spun like a dog bowl (like this) for what seemed like forever but never flipped over.  The end result was a bunch of cool looking cracks in the frosting.

 See? Kinda cool....
Awesome: Receiving a present in the mail from Boyfriend Fellow's mom.
Awkward: It was the same present I was planning on getting her for her birthday!!!
Hah! I went ahead and got it for her anyways. 

Awesome: A wonderful Easter with Madre, Stepdad, the Littles and Boyfriend-Fellow.
Awkward: Driving 45 minutes towards home when I realized I had left my laptop.
Awesome: Everyone was super nice about it.
Awkward: It still took me an embarrassingly long time to stop welling up with tears.

Awesome: Eating easter eggs for breakfast all week.

Awesome: I found my FAVORITE (and discontinued) gum.
Awkward: I bought it ALL (the cashier must've thought I was a crazy)

Awesome: My office-mate keeps up a constant barrage of insults.
Awkward: She does it even when I have students during my office hours.
Me: The teacher is going to probably emphasize the 2nd and 3rd sections on the test.
Officemate (quietly): HA! You're so full of it....
Student: Wait, what?

Awesome: One of the students in the class I'm TA-ing gave me a card to pass along to the teacher.
Awkward: When I handed it to him, he thought it was from me and said, "Oh thanks! I've got one for you, too."

Awesome: Complimenting a random stranger in the hallway
Awkward: Having them ignore my compliment
Awkward x 2: Having them show up at my lab 10 minutes later for an interview.

Awesome: Biggest-Little taught our dog a trick (all by herself)!

 Your turn! What're your trials and triumphs this week?


  1. You seriously have the FUNNIEST life! Between the office mate, the random stranger and your gum always make my day with your posts!

    WAIT, there's my awkward, I just told you, you make my day with your blog posts!

  2. I'm impressed that the cake didn't flip over. It is always seems like, for me at least, if something has a sticky side, that will always be the part to hit the ground.


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