Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 42

Seeing as I spent last week on the east coast meeting Boyfriend-Fellow's 
family, I racked up quite a few Awkward/Awesomes in the past 7 days.

Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow already knows not to give me my boarding pass until absolutely necessary.
I think he learned it from lost movie tickets...

Awkward: Trying to bring my key chain pepper spray through airport security.

Awkward: Hearing my name paged ("You forgot something at the security checkpoint.")
Awkward x 2: When they asked me what I forgot, I didn't know.  The guard looked at me like I was an idiot (appropriately so... I had left my laptop).

Awesome: Splurging on a new, fancy-schmancy mascara for the visit (since I've been good about buying the drugstore kind for a year)
Awkward: Losing it on the plane (after ONE USE!)

Awesome: Boyfriend-fellow's dad and step-mom kindly picked us up from the airport even though it was a late night arrival.
Awkward: The plane was even later.
Awkward x 2: We were stuck in 5mph traffic for an EXTRA hour on the way home.

Awkward and Awesome: Boyfriend-Fellow's puppy is a foot licker!

Awkward AND Awesome: The first time I met Boyfriend-Fellow's grandma was when we went out to happy hour drinks with her.
Awkward: Not realizing I ordered a drink that wasn't marked down for happy hour (everyone else's drink = $1, mine = $8).
Awesome: Going to tapas.
Awkward: Being the only vegetarian at the table.

Awkward: Boyfriend-fellow's puppy is a couch licker, too.
Yes, that's drool.

Awkward: One night, after I finished washing my face, I opened my eyes and saw this looking up at me from the sink

Awkward and Awesome: Eating home-cooked meals or meals out (basically, not from a dining hall or a can) for 7 days.  Oh, and not exercising once.
Exhibit A:

Awkward: Not being able to fall asleep until 2am one night
Awkward x 2: Having to wake up at 5am the next morning for a family trip to the city.

Awkward and Awesome: This Obama-looking mannequin.

Awkward: Clogging the toilet on the very last day of my visit.
Guess it's better than the first....
Your turn! I'd love to hear about awkward/awesomes you've had when meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend's families for the first time.


  1. AHHH that centipede thing! I found one EXACTLY like that in our garage last year. He is now sitting in a vial in my collection. :3 Nasty looking, though.

    When I first met Rusty's parents back in 2006, they asked how old I was. I said 17. I was really 15. And so went our relationship until we were married, when I finally told them I was 19 instead of 21. They "knew all along". Awkwaaard. Hah!

  2. Too funny about the puppy liking the feet! Haha! And that bug--epps!!

    I answered your question over on my blog!


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