Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's what's inside that counts, right?

I should have a new section of my blog devoted to my attempts (and often failures) to recreate the delicious food I find on the interwebs. I could call it "Repulsive Replications" or something.
This time around, I attempted to replicate these beauties from Emma of Food Coma.
(Photo from Emma's blog)

Gorgeous, right?
(NOTE: These photos are from Emma's blog)

I strayed from her recipe in that I put half the sugar (just the brown sugar) and only used wheat flour.  Also, where she used chocolate chips, I substituted different things per batch.

Here's my first round...
 The M&M's were dried and gross and the color melted off. 
I'm not even gonna expand on how the bananas looked. 

So on the next batch, I used bits of carob chips, chocolate bar chunks and butterscotch.

Much better but still... Ugly little suckers.  
They sure were tasty though!  Not too sweet, kinda like banana bread cookies.  
The butterscotch was PERFECT melted.  It glossed.
I'll be remaking these again asap.

These bloggers make beautiful food look so easy!
Lesson learned.


  1. My food usually looks gross too. But as long as it tastes good, I'm fine with that!

  2. I have discovered I can either make food beautiful or edible, but never both. Taste is king.

  3. Those butterscotch cookies look amazing to me!

  4. Not gonna lie, those are some fugly cookies! But sometimes the ugliest stuff is the tastiest.


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