Saturday, March 17, 2012


Unfortunately, my check engine light came on today.

Also unfortunately, I got a letter informing me that my insurance 
wasn't going to cover the dog-bite doctors visits.

Also unfortunately, I have a lot of computer work this weekend 
(take home finals, essays and computer programming).

Fortunately, I have an espresso machine. 

Unfortunately, I spilled a latte on my computer.

Fortunately, I had a blow dryer on hand.

Unfortunately, it melted the keys on my keyboard.

Fortunately, for once I had activated the extended warranty plan.

Unfortunately, the extended warranty does not cover liquid damage NOR damage incurred by use of other appliances. Durn.

Unfortunately, there wasn't an appointment available at my nearest Apple store.

Fortunately, there was one at an Apple store not too far away.

Also, fortunately, I used the drive to chats with Brutharrrr (hands free, of course).

Also fortunately, they were able to fix it.  For free.

Also fortunately, I needed a break from studying anyways, 
had a Forever 21 gift card and was right there.

Also fortunately, I used the drive home to chats with Faja.

Things are all right...


  1. Okay - I learned something from this post. A few weeks ago, my check engine light came on, but I didn't know that that's what it was. So I called my dad and said "this 'rectangle' light just came on?" He had no clue what I was talking about. So anyway, thank you. I feel like I should have known that already. Your little drawings are so cute!

    So glad your computer was fixed. And for free, too! Joyous!

  2. That sounds like a sucky day that was saved...partially at least. The check engine light in my car lives on. I've gotten used to it. Apparently it is something stupid wrong with my car that the mechanic said is a non-issue. But your car should be under warranty, right?

  3. While that sounds like some unfortunate, expensive situations to deal with, I'm glad the computer was fixed for free and you got some cute new clothes. Plus, catching up with family is always good!

  4. oh darling, your little doodles are so cute! they add a special touch to your posts.

    hooray for the Apple store "geniuses"!

  5. Sounds like a roller coaster ride! But family, free & forever 21 are undoubtedly fortunates.


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